February 22nd, 2015

// Oil Up – Why You Should Use Olive Oil


Oil Up - Why You Should Use Olive Oil


The traditional cooking ingredient our parents and grand parents use to cook and bake with was butter. There are a lot of alternatives in todays market for using to cook other than butter. Even though butter is very flavourful it has a high fat content and is not a healthy choice. You can substitute butter with many things. Some of the alternatives include margarine, coconut oil, and sesame seed oil just to name a few. Another alternative to baking things with butter is by using olive oil instead. Olive oil is one of the many healthy alternatives and one of my favourites.

Why should you use olive oil for baking and cooking?

Olive oil is an acquired taste. Especially if you are switching from rich creamy butter. Take your time and slowly start introducing it into your baking and cooking. Eventually you will stop noticing the difference and enjoy it just as much as you enjoyed butter. Your body and heart will also thank you later for making the switch.

Besides olive oil being a healthier alternative you should use it for baking and cooking because It may help to fight cravings and suppress appetite. A study recently conducted concluded that serotonin levels were raised in participants when they ingested olive oil with yogurt. Why is this significant for you? Because serotonin is a hormone that tells your body that you are full. This means olive oil has high satiety. This keeps you fuller longer than most cooking substances. Olive oil does this by containing compounds that can slow down your glucose absorption and keep you fuller longer.

It is also affordable and comes in all sorts of brands, types and sizes. So go ahead and pick up some olive oil and start swapping your butter for it when you bake or cook.

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