August 30th, 2018

// OLEO Powdered CBD Beverages for the Active Lifestyle

OLEO Appoints New Leadership Welcoming Skyler Bissell, Former Amazon and Boeing Employee, to the Role of Chief Executive Officer

Rapid company growth and demand at OLEO, Inc. calls for focused expansion and distinguished leadership naming former COO, Skyler Bissell, to the role of Chief Executive Officer for his entrepreneurial vision for branding, marketing of consumer goods, and cannabis  industry insight.

SEATTLE, W.A. AUGUST 30, 2018 - OLEO, Inc. the industry leader in micro-encapsulation technology for the production of water-soluble powdered cannabinoids, announced this week that Skyler Bissell, former COO and co-founder at OLEO, will step up to the position of Chief Executive Officer, effective as of Monday, August 20th after a unanimous vote by OLEO’s board of directors. Under Bissell’s leadership, OLEO will continue pursuing technological excellence and innovation in their lines of powdered CBD beverages designed for health-conscious active lifestyles.  [To Read the Full Press Release Hosted by PRweb Click Here]

Oh, What is OLEO?   OLEO is an on-the-go powdered beverage mix infused with CBD! OLEO offers a Coconut Water Mix, antioxidant-packed Rooibos Tea Mixes, and a line of flavorless CBD powder called Original Mix, all designed to be water-soluble making them more bioavailable, potent and faster acting than the majority of CBD products on the market today.  OLEO’s active ingredient - OleoCBD™ - is created with a patent-pending micro-encapsulation technology masking any bitter aftertaste and is optimized for your active lifestyle needs, showcasing its effects within 20 minutes.

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Meet Every Runner’s New Beverage Best Friend, OLEO, the Powdered CBD Beverage Needed by Those Living an Active Lifestyle for
Optimal Physical Performance and Muscle Recovery

Taste the OleoCBD™ experience of Hydration without the ‘High’ - Infused with the most effective water-soluble CBD for endurance athletes, packed with naturally derived vitamins, minerals &  electrolytes, without the counter-effective junk found in your average sports drink.

About the Company

OLEO, Inc. is a biotechnology company thoughtfully designing fast-acting, water-soluble CBD products with purpose and intention for the active lifestyle community. OLEO offers a collection of powdered beverages infused with their active ingredient OleoCBD™, including an all-natural Coconut Water Mix, an antioxidant Rooibos Tea Mix, and a flavorless CBD powder called Original Mix.  OleoCBD™ is created with a patent-pending micro-encapsulation technology that masks any bitter aftertaste and showcases its effects within 20 minutes. With a provisional patent for the powdered cannabinoid formulation method filed in 2014, OLEO, Inc. was founded quickly thereafter in 2015 and began mass-producing micro-encapsulated cannabinoids for the hemp & cannabis markets by 2017. OLEO plays a tremendous role in the advancement of cannabinoid technology, testing standards, and consumer product offerings, helping to make the cannabinoid and plant medicine industry more trusted, beneficial and approachable for all.  Further clinical study results regarding micro-encapsulation to be released in 2018 as per the OLEO team’s research influence and efforts.


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