April 1st, 2021

// One Size Does NOT Fit All: The New Wave of Health and Wellness Solutions

One Size Does NOT Fit All: The New Wave of Health and Wellness Solutions

VANCOUVER, BC, March 30, 2021 /CNW/ - How many times have you been looking for a certain health and wellness service, but weren't sure where to start? Chances are, you found yourself randomly searching on the internet, asking people around you, or going through trial-and-error treatments that may not even work out in the end. 

Discover health and wellness options tailored to fit your needs

Prompt Health is an online tool revolutionizing the health and wellness experience. Created to bridge the gap between patient needs and the care they traditionally receive, the platform lets individuals personalize their search for health solutions with ease and confidence. It differentiates itself from other referral networks or directories with a recommendation system based on health needs and goals, rather than just treatment type.

"Finding care by provider type is not ideal. There is always more than one solution for a certain problem or goal. People don't always know who they should be looking for, and traditional referral systems are limited. That's why we developed Prompt Health, to start each search with the need and narrow it down to personalize the healthcare experience and make different, accredited options accessible to clients," described Hedieh Safiyari, CEO of Prompt Health. 

The days of blindly searching for the right care is over. Prompt Health makes it easy for Canadians to find the care they need in health and wellness with a few clicks right on their phone. 

"We live in an era where we have choices for the things that matter, so why not in health?. Everyone deserves choice in their healthcare solutions." explained Hedieh Safiyari, CEO of Prompt Health. 

Prompt Health is for every practice: medical, dental, allied health, holistic services, wellness, nutrition, and fitness. It allows health and wellness providers or centers to get listed with a professional profile, showcase themselves with a video introduction, establish credibility with genuine ratings and reviews and have a booking option. In addition, Prompt Health offers marketing bundles for health professionals to help boost their online presence more effectively, all with a focus on helping professionals acquire and retain clients. 

Looking for a health and wellness solution? PromptHealth is your home for health and wellness options tailored to fit your needs. The network is growing every day, be sure to check back often. 

Download the App today to find options personalized to you! Search for "PromptHealth" on iOS or Android devices. 

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