November 12th, 2020

// Ontario doctors advise Premier Ford to increase restrictions in new COVID framework

Ontario doctors advise Premier Ford to increase restrictions in new COVID framework

TORONTO, Nov. 12, 2020 /CNW/ - Ontario's doctors say the new framework for when regions can tighten and loosen pandemic restrictions is insufficient at a time when the province is reporting record numbers of COVID cases and called on Premier Doug Ford to fix it.

Doctors working on the front lines of the pandemic support the idea of a framework but say this one is too lax and allows too many businesses to remain open even when many people in their communities have the virus.

"Doctors are worried. It is clear the new tiered framework is not enough to control the virus, which is spreading among more and more people," said Dr. Samantha Hill, president of the Ontario Medical Association. "We must do more to protect the people of Ontario, especially those weaker than ourselves. That is why we are advising our partners in care, Premier Ford and Ontario mayors, to fix this framework and put more resources into testing and contact tracing in the meantime. You have the support of doctors to do it."  

The new framework places each of Ontario's public health units in a green, yellow, orange, red or lockdown category based on a series of trends such as how many people are testing positive or being hospitalized. 

Ontario's doctors recommend those trends, or thresholds at which regions move from tier to tier, should be much lower, in some cases 50 percent lower.  We strongly recommend locations in the "restrict" (yellow) and "control' (red) categories should close bars and indoor dining altogether. 

And for hotspots such as Toronto, Peel and Ottawa, which are all close to lockdown, Ontario's doctors strongly recommend stopping all non-essential services including all public events to gain control of the spread while strengthening public health measures.

We also applaud the local medical officers of health in Toronto and Peel Region for doing the right thing and increasing local measures beyond what the framework requires.

"Ontario's doctors want to work with Premier Ford to make our province as safe as possible for as many people as possible," said OMA CEO Allan O'Dette. "We can't have a healthy economy without healthy people. Following the recommendations of Ontario's doctors will stop the spread and support a safe reopening." 

About the OMA

The Ontario Medical Association represents Ontario's 43,000-plus physicians, medical students and retired physicians, advocating for and supporting doctors while strengthening the leadership role of doctors in caring for patients. Our vision is to be the trusted voice in transforming Ontario's health-care system.

SOURCE Ontario Medical Association


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