June 16th, 2020

// Ontario Family Lawyer’s New Book Answers Your Questions on Divorce and the Pandemic

Ontario Family Lawyer’s New Book Answers Your Questions
on Divorce and the Pandemic 

Seasoned lawyer Russell Alexander delayed the release to update with coronavirus concerns

LINDSAY, ONTARIO—In his second book, noted Ontario family lawyer Russell Alexander is answering the questions he faces most frequently from clients considering a divorce, including ones he’s gotten during the coronavirus pandemic. 

In “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Divorce,”  which hits shelves later this year, the Ontario divorce lawyer gives a comprehensive overview of everything you need to know about divorce, from the basics of choosing a law firm, to alternatives to going to court, to the legal process itself. Alexander delayed publication in order to add a chapter addressing important questions raised by the pandemic and related lockdowns.

“Divorce law is always a difficult subject,” said Alexander. “But the coronavirus has only added to the confusion and stress, with courtrooms closed and parents negotiating ad hoc solutions to the quarantine. My goal with this book was to answer questions I get all the time as well as ones I have received time and again over the last few months.”  

Alexander’s first book, “The Path to a Successful Divorce,” a No. 1 bestseller on Amazon, discussed alternatives to divorce court, a specialty of his Ontario family law firm. 

As in that book, Alexander discusses options such as alternative dispute resolution, four-way settlement meetings and collaborative practice, which his experience has shown to be less contentious and less stressful ways for a couple to make tough decisions on mutually owned property, custody arrangements, alimony and child support. As he explains in the new material on the pandemic, it also allows more flexibility to respond to rapidly changing situations like the coronavirus.

“No divorce is easy,” Alexander added. “It’s always going to be an emotionally draining process. But if couples can start with a clear understanding of the risks of a more confrontational approach, they will find it easier to work things out amicably. I hope that this book can help them begin their divorce on the right foot, especially during the pandemic.”

For more details on “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Divorce,” and updates on the release date, visit: http://www.russellalexander.com/book 


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