July 8th, 2021

// Ontario Government funds new Virtual Intensive Treatment Program for Addiction at Renascent

Ontario Government funds new Virtual Intensive Treatment Program for Addiction at Renascent

$1.25M annualized investment addresses critical gap in the health care system by adding urgently needed intensive treatment for addiction using innovative virtual model.  

TORONTO, July 8, 2021 /CNW/ - The Ontario Government announced new annualized funding for Renascent in the amount of $1.25M, making a newly developed Virtual Intensive Outpatient Program (VIOP) for addiction available to Ontarians aged 16 years and older. The innovative new program was developed by Renascent over the course of the pandemic to address the lack of intensive treatment programs in the health care system and the rapidly growing wait times for addiction treatment.   

"With escalating rates of substance use and addiction across our communities, it is critical to ramp up the health care system's treatment capacity and look at incorporating innovative approaches to treatment," said Laura Bhoi, Chief Executive Officer, Renascent. "This new investment in Renascent's Virtual Intensive Outpatient Program adds urgently needed intensive outpatient treatment for Ontarians with substance use disorders, using a promising new virtual model."

To help meet the growing need for addiction treatment and services, Renascent – a not-for-profit organization – launched its Virtual Intensive Outpatient Program in April 2020. Through donations made to Renascent Foundation, the program has been offered to the public at no fee, already enabling over 200 people to access the intensive treatment.   

Clients who access the program receive 26 weeks of treatment, which includes six weeks of intensive programming, followed by 20 weeks of Continuing Care. There has been growing demand for the program over the last year, currently running with a waitlist and receiving high ratings from clients.  

"This new Government funding doubles the number of clients we can serve and most importantly, it supports us to operate this desperately needed program in a sustainable manner," said Bhoi. "Investment in this new virtual intensive treatment can build a new pathway for many individuals seeking help, as part of a larger system including inpatient, outpatient and harm reduction services."  

"I was given a second chance with Renascent – which transformed my life. The Virtual Intensive Outpatient Program helped me understand and process my experiences, gave me connections to others who understood what I was going through, and provided tools to help me abstain from drinking while remaining at home," said Pat S., former Renascent Virtual Intensive Outpatient Program client. "This was my first time participating in any type of virtual setting and I was pleased by how engaging it was. The counsellors were welcoming, and I was amazed at how quickly we all bonded. I am so grateful for my journey with Renascent, as being sober gives me a whole new perspective on life." 

In partnership with Ontario Shores' Research Team, the Virtual Intensive Outpatient Program will undergo formal program evaluation to assess outcomes and potential for its expansion. 

Anyone in need of addiction treatment is encouraged to contact Renascent directly. For more information about Renascent's Virtual Intensive Outpatient Program and other programs and services, visit: renascent.ca   

About Renascent and Renascent Foundation:
Renascent has been a trusted leader in the treatment of substance use and concurrent mental disorders for over 50 years; helping more than 50,000 people experiencing addiction on their road to recovery. Renascent is an accredited non-profit treatment centre, which provides hope and healing to individuals, families, loved ones, communities, and organizations impacted by addiction. Renascent Foundation enables the health and well-being of people experiencing addiction by inspiring investment into mental health and addictions programs and services.

SOURCE Renascent


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