May 29th, 2021

// Ontario Medical Association Awards Program celebrates its centenary

Ontario Medical Association Awards Program celebrates its centenary

TORONTO, May 28, 2021 /CNW/ - The Ontario Medical Association Awards Program celebrated its 100th anniversary Friday night by recognizing outstanding physicians, residents, medical students and community leaders for their remarkable achievements and contributions to the medical profession and health care in Ontario.

The awards were presented by OMA Past President Dr. Sohail Gandhi during a gala that was held virtually because of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

"We're here tonight to recognize the achievements of our colleagues and while we will name 67 exceptionally deserving individuals, this year you all deserve recognition," said OMA President Samantha Hill, whose one-year term ends Saturday. "I see you and I honour your resilience."

A new Emerging Leader Award was presented for the first time to an early career physician who has demonstrated leadership abilities toward shaping the future of medicine. Award recipients are physicians who act as a positive role model for peers and colleagues with a demonstrated commitment toward meaningful contributions, social responsibility, political advocacy, partnership-relationship building, innovation and health policy.

The first recipient of this award is Dr. Silvy Mathew, a family physician in Toronto who serves on the government-OMA Physician Services Committee and the Mid-West Toronto Ontario Health Team Executive Project Advisory Committee. She was a member of the OMA Board of Directors from May 2018 to May 2020.

"Dr. Mathew is described by her peers as an inspirational leader, evidenced through her clinical and organizational work," said Dr. Gandhi. "Her deep care for her patients makes her an empathetic and effective clinician. She has demonstrated a commitment to social responsibility and is a strong advocate for gender equality in medicine and in society."

This year's other winners:

OMA Life Membership Awards
OMA Life Membership is awarded to those members who have made an outstanding contribution to the work of the OMA, the medical profession and medical science, or common good at the provincial level, and have reached the age of 65.

  • Dr. Susan Abbey 
  • Dr. Katherine Darbyshire 
  • Dr. Raymond Edwards 
  • Dr. Ian Forrest 
  • Dr. Leon Genesove 
  • Dr. Robert Hamilton 
  • Dr. Raymond Harb 
  • Dr. Ingrid Harle 
  • Dr. Anne Hennessy 
  • Dr. John Hollingsworth 
  • Dr. Christopher Jyu 
  • Dr. Byron Lemmex 
  • Dr. Glenn Martin 
  • Dr. Fergus McNestry 
  • Dr. Bharat Nathoo 
  • Dr. Avis Noseworthy 
  • Dr. David Opper 
  • Dr. Michael Paré 
  • Dr. Gregory Peachey 
  • Dr. Roman Preobrazenski 
  • Dr. Kiran Rabheru 
  • Dr. Steven Reinhart 
  • Dr. Michael Semoff 
  • Dr. Lucian Sitwell 
  • Dr. William Splinter

OMA Honorary Membership: Globe and Mail health columnistAndré Picard

Honorary Membership is awarded for having achieved eminence in science and/or the humanities through outstanding service to the OMA, to the medical profession, to medical science or to serve the common good at the provincial level. Members are usually non-physicians.

OMA Centennial Award Lisa Paul of St. John Ambulance, who worked closely with the OMA obtaining PPE during the pandemic

Established to commemorate the OMA centennial in 1980, the Centennial Award is awarded to a non-physician in recognition of outstanding achievements in serving the health and welfare of the people of Ontario through lengthy service and/or distinguished acts.

Distinguished Service Award Dr. Albert Ng

The Distinguished Service Award is awarded to a member of the OMA for exceptional long-standing service to the OMA and patients of Ontario.

Mentor for Students and Residents Award Dr. Kelly Howse

The Mentor for Students and Residents Award is awarded to a physician or non-physician in recognition of outstanding contributions that have significantly benefited the medical students or residents of Ontario.

Presidential Award Dr. Ruth Mathieson

The Presidential Award is awarded in recognition of exceptional and long-standing humanitarian service to the greater community (in Ontario or elsewhere) that brings honour to the medical profession. The award recipient by their actions expresses the highest qualities of service by a physician that we all admire.

Glenn Sawyer Service Award 

This award was established in 1972 in honour of Dr. Glenn Sawyer, the longest-serving General Secretary of the OMA. It is awarded in recognition of significant service to the OMA, medical profession, or public at the community level.

  • Dr. Mariana Silva 
  • Dr. Shabbir Amanullah 
  • Dr. Dusan Sijan 
  • Dr. Gary Smith 
  • Dr. Jonathan Fitzsimon 
  • Dr. Ron Taylor 
  • Dr. Jegapathy Rajendra 
  • Dr. Sharon Bal

Community Service Award 

The Community Service Award is presented annually to non-physicians for significant contribution to the health and welfare of the people of a local community, as defined by involvement in community health and public welfare, including length of involvement, roles fulfilled in local organizations and personal achievements.

  • Wendy Muckle 
  • Fred Larsen 
  • Brian Smith

Section Service Award 

The Section Service Award is awarded in recognition of significant service to the section, medical profession, or public within a section.

  • Dr. Adam Stewart – SGFP 
  • Dr. Karima Khamisa – Hematology 
  • Dr. Harold Pupko – PCMH 
  • Dr. Janice Willett – OBGYN

Medical Student Achievement Award 

The Medical Student Achievement Award is awarded for significant contributions at the political and/or community level that help advance the life and/or education of all medical students. The award may be presented annually to one student from each of the six provincial medical schools.

  • Celine Sayed (University of Ottawa) 
  • Ushma Purohit (University of Toronto) 
  • Brintha Sivajohan (Western University) 
  • Ikunna Nwosu (Queen's University) 
  • Christine Miller (NOSM) 
  • Kay Wu (McMaster University)

OMA Resident Achievement Award 

The Resident Achievement Award is awarded for outstanding contribution to the advancement of postgraduate training. As of 2007, the award may be presented annually to one resident from each of the six provincial medical schools.

  • Dr. Athena Young (Northern Ontario School of Medicine) 
  • Dr. Christopher Clarkstone (McMaster University) 
  • Dr. Jonathan Cluett (Queen's University) 
  • Dr. Megan Lim (University of Ottawa) 
  • Dr. William Kyle Silverstein (University of Toronto) 
  • Dr. Timothy Miao (Western University)

CMA Honorary Award (Presented by Dr. Ann Collins, President of the Canadian Medical Association)

CMA Honorary Membership is awarded to those members who have made outstanding contributions to the Canadian Medical Association on its Board of Directors, Committees, General Council or to Canadian medicine.

  • Dr. Howard Adams 
  • Dr. Karen Gulenchyn 
  • Dr. John Thorne 
  • Dr. Susan Wilkinson 
  • Dr. Gary Victor 
  • Dr. Christopher Jyu 
  • Dr. Stephen Buchman 
  • Dr. Francine Lemire 
  • Dr. Martin Padmos

About the OMA

The Ontario Medical Association represents Ontario's 43,000-plus physicians, medical students and retired physicians, advocating for and supporting doctors while strengthening the leadership role of doctors in caring for patients. Our vision is to be the trusted voice in transforming Ontario's health-care system.

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