April 23rd, 2020

// Ontario’s Russell Alexander Law Firm Releases Free E- Book on Child Access and Custody During Coronavirus Divorce law experts offer legal advice for families during the pandemic

Ontario’s Russell Alexander Law Firm Releases Free E- Book 
on Child Access and Custody During Coronavirus
Divorce law experts offer legal advice for families during the pandemic

LINDSAY, ONTARIO—Noted Ontario family law firm Russell Alexander Collaborative Family Lawyers has released a new e-book on custody issues during the coronavirus pandemic.

Written in collaboration with Nafisa Nazarali and Carolyn Warner, “Child Access and Custody During the Pandemic” provides parents with helpful advice on navigating child access and custody during government-mandated lockdowns, self-isolation and school closures.

“The coronavirus has upended all of the assumptions around daily life that we had when custody arrangements were drawn up,” said Russell Alexander, founder of the firm who spearheaded the new e-book. “With many courts suspending operations or hearing only limited cases, families are finding themselves in uncharted territory.”

Overall, Alexander advises that parents who share custody use good judgment and cooperation to handle custody issues as much as possible before turning to the courts. His firm emphasizes collaborative law, which seeks to avoid adversarial courtroom tactics, an approach he thinks is even more important during the pandemic.

But if that approach does not work in a particular situation, the book provides detailed instructions of what needs to happen if a parent does in fact need to bring an urgent matter to court.

Alexander is the Amazon-bestselling author of “The Path to a Successful Divorce,” which takes readers through the process from finding a lawyer to handling post-litigation issue. He is also author of the upcoming book “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Divorce,” which hits shelves later this year, as well as many informational e-books that are available for download on his site. He has been featured in the Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star and CanLII, among other notable outlets, talking about divorce in the era of coronavirus.

Download your free copy of “Child Access and Custody during the Pandemic” or visit the Russell Alexander Family Lawyers’ online  COVID-19 and Divorce Information Centre for a comprehensive list of legal resources.


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