September 27th, 2022

// Ontario’s Russell Alexander Pens New Book Offering Advice to Couples Getting ‘Zoom Divorces’

Ontario’s Russell Alexander Pens New Book Offering 
Advice to Couples Getting ‘Zoom Divorces’
Family lawyer anticipates rise in online divorce hearings with increase in Covid transmission 

TORONTO, Ontario — Longtime Ontario family lawyer Russell Alexander’s latest book “Zoom Divorce” is now available on Amazon and gives sound advice  to couples going through divorce in the pandemic era on virtual lawyer meetings and legal hearings by way of videoconferencing. 

Alexander, author of two Amazon bestsellers “The Path to a Successful Divorce” and “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Divorce,” said his new book uses real-life examples to help couples understand these kinds of online legal proceedings, which first gained popularity when courtrooms shut down at the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Courts are pretty traditional places, so it took a global pandemic for judges to loosen the rules enough to try holding a divorce hearing over Zoom,” said Alexander. “But once we got the hang of it, they turned out to be less stressful and less expensive for our clients, and more accessible than a traditional court hearing in many respects, especially for working parents and those with young children.”

Alexander said that Zoom divorce hearings can allow couples to avoid taking the day off work or avoid having to find childcare just to trek to the courthouse for a routine hearing. They are also helpful for people who are leaving an abusive spouse since they can avoid seeing their abuser in person. And they give lawyers the option to work with clients who may live in remote areas and would otherwise struggle to find legal representation. 

When the pandemic began to wane earlier this year, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice moved to cut back on videoconferencing beginning in April, requiring that in-person hearings be the default. Alexander opposed the move, starting an online petition that received over 1,500 signatures and leading an ad-hoc committee of seasoned lawyers throughout Ontario that seeks to preserve Zoom hearings.

But Alexander said that videoconferencing remains available in many areas, depending on the judge and jurisdiction, and throughout other courts in Canada. He also anticipates that it could make a comeback, especially if the return to school and more in-person court hearings lead to more coronavirus infections, continued high gas prices make travel more expensive and family lawyers continue to push back against requirements for in-person hearings.

He said his new book will help couples who are going through a “Zoom divorce” with real-life examples and tips to ensure the best results.

“Just because a divorce hearing isn’t being held in a traditional courtroom, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to prepare for it,” he added. “From getting familiar with the software to knowing how to come off best in a videoconference testimony, there are lots of tips that can help you work towards the best results.”

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