January 31st, 2018

// Overcoming Gym Intimidation

Perhaps the struggle on the path the fitness is intimidation. Namely, the intimidation we feel when we’re at the gym. It’s easy to feel inferior or even stupid when you’re surrounded by people who are already in great shape. “How do I use this machine?” “I’ll never be able to lift that much!” “I’ll never look like that.” These are just a couple of thoughts that plague those who are trying to get started on their fitness journey.

Below is a wonderful graphic from Aaptiv. Aaptiv is an audio fitness app. Having a personal trainer in your ear while working out could be a great way to stay motivated for sure! If you’re not ready for that however just check out some of the information below. It’s amazing that 80% of adult Americans are not exercising enough!

I love the 2nd point about making sure you have a plan before showing up. It’s easy to get confused and distracted if going to the gym is a new routine for you. Showing up knowing what you’re going to work on ahead of time is key. You might have a goal of simply running the treadmill or 5-6 exercises to perform. Whatever you choose, just have goals before going in and leave once they are accomplished. It will help alleviate any pressure to do more, and you’ll leave feeling great every time!

I also think #4 isn’t talked about enough. Ask someone for help! The gym and fitness scene is very different than it was years ago. The mindset of most people in the gym is one of inclusion. They are happy that you are there and happy to help if you need it. I understand this wasn’t always the case. Gym were full of people who didn’t want to deal with people just starting out. Those days are over. While I’m sure some jerks still exist is a rare thing. Most people are happy to help you out 🙂 If you’re still nervous about talking to another member, find a trainer!

The graphic answers some great questions that everyone deals with. This, I think, might actually be the key. You are not alone. Many people go through the same internal struggles. Give the graphic a read, I’m sure it will address the challenges you’re facing and hopefully motivate you to get fit!


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