September 7th, 2019


Expert Offers Insight Into Oxygen, Exercise, & the Art of BreathingWe all know breathing oxygen keeps us alive but it's easy to underestimate just how much it impacts our overall health and fitness. Oxygen helps the body maintain pH balance, boosts metabolism, detoxifies the blood, enhances exercise, and plays a huge role in the recovery process. But just because you are breathing air, doesn't mean that you are getting all of the holistic health benefits that proper breathing can offer. This is especially important when it comes to exercise and fitness.According to expert, Michael Grant White, not all breathing is created equal and there are breathing techniques you can do to enhance your workout."Breathing is an art. Since oxygen is crucial for peak athletic performance, proper breathing should be one of your main focuses during exercise...”

...says White who trains athletes (and those with challenged breathing) to use proper breathing techniques and has seen first-hand how better breathing can help strengthen endurance, lower lactic acid production, and improve stamina for cardio-centric activities (like running, swimming, biking, etc.) In addition, simple breathing techniques can help people (at any level of fitness) recover more quickly from high-intensity activities.Oxygen-enhanced exercise is a holistic approach to fitness that has recently skyrocketed in popularity. Once available and common only with Olympians and pro athletes. this training method has hit the mainstream and now at-home-exercisers and workout warriors across the country are using it as an all-natural way to gain an athletic advantage. 

In case you missed this high school biology lesson, here's a quick recap of the science: During exercise, your muscles have to contract and work harder, which increases their demand for oxygen. The amount needed is much more than you are taking in. Your body first burns the existing oxygen in the red blood cells and when this runs out, the body turns to fermentation for its energy needs. Instead of using oxygen, the muscles convert glucose into lactic acid and this is when fatigue sets in. Oxygen-enhanced exercise leverages the body's already-existing system for oxygenating the blood before this happens. It is a scientifically proven phenomenon that’s said to benefit the body by reducing the physical stress of exercise, accelerating recovery, helping you sleep, giving you more energy, and improving your metabolism. "Playing sports, weight-lifting, circuit training, or any other intense physical activity, of course, burns calories and builds muscle, but many people don't consider the wear and tear it has on their body. Lack of oxygen ages the body at a much greater rate..."...says White, who has studied breathing over the past 24 years and has seen a rapid rise in interest for oxygen-enhanced exercise. As anti-doping initiatives spread across the country, and athletic drug testing becomes more prevalent, many athletes are turning to oxygen-enhanced exercise as a way to amplify their workouts without the use of drugs, chemicals, surgery, or invasive techniques. In short: better breathing = better health.  Michael Grant White is on a mission to awaken the breathing consciousness of the world. He can share breathing tips people can use to improve their health and their workout and has insight into the oxygen-enhanced exercise trend.  IN AN INTERVIEW / ARTICLE:Breathing Tricks to Improve Your Health & Enhance Your Workout3 Ways you Might be Breathing WrongUnlikely Ways Your Breathing Impacts Your LifeFascinating Link Between Breathing & The BrainInsight into the "Oxygen-Enhanced Exercise" Trend: An All-Natural Approach to Improve Health & Enhance Workouts ABOUT MICHAEL GRANT WHITE:Michael Grant White is a holistic health expert, author, and international speaker who has dedicated his career to helping people improve their health through better breathing. As an Optimal Breathing Coach and the founder of My Oxygen Machine and, White is on a mission to make the world healthier one breath at a time.  

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