July 14th, 2017

// PAINCAKES – A Review -The first reusable, stickable cold pack to hit the market

PAINCAKES - A Review -The first reusable, stickable cold pack to hit the market
I was recently sent Pain Cakes to try! I absolutely love it! Where has it been my whole life! This little reusable, stickable ice pad has been a savour these past few weeks of my prep!
I simply freeze it, take it out, stick it to where im sore and can reuse it! it keeps perfect temperature for recovery for up to 15 minutes which is the perfect time.
I give this product a 10/10 and would recommend it to any one who needs icing for recovery from workouts, surgery, rehab etc.

PAINCAKES stick and stay exactly where you put them, solving the vexing problem of keeping a cold pack where you position it. 

These 5-inch circular PAINCAKES require no straps, no tape and no awkward contraptions to keep them in place. 

The innovative, patented gel pack provides targeted cold, localized cryotherapy like no other product does. They can be used in multiples for accurate positioning to specific recovery areas.

They are ideal for every type of athlete, parents, seniors, kids and medical professionals of all sorts. 

PAINCAKES are hypoallergenic, free of latex and silicone and the gel is m edical grade.

"Using a NASA re-entry engineer to help us with our temperature modeling, we developed a gel that uses an appropriate sodium/magnesium content to lower the threshold for freezing based on the average temperature of most modern freezers," says inventor Noah Soltes, who spent 2,240 hours in a walk-in freezer while designing the product.

The initial PAINCAKES product is a 5-inch version – a more compact 2.75-inch version as well as a wrap-around version are in the works as well.

PAINCAKES sell for $12.99 each and are currently available at hundreds of retailers nationally as well as on the site: www.pain-cakes.com


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