July 18th, 2018

// Panther Medical Canada Inc. Opens in Canada Bringing State of the Art, Clinically Proven, Economically Viable Laparoscopic Surgical Solutions, while Saving Tax Payers Millions in Health Care Costs

Panther Medical Canada Inc. Opens in Canada Bringing State of the Art, Clinically Proven, Economically Viable Laparoscopic Surgical Solutions, while Saving Tax Payers Millions in Health Care Costs


AJAX, ON, July 18, 2018 /CNW/ - Surgical Staplers are used in surgical procedures in place of sutures to close tissue in surgical wounds. The use of staples over sutures reduces local inflammatory response, width of the wound, and the time it takes to close. This reduces patient tissue trauma by minimizing tissue handling and heals as reliably as conventional sutures.

Up until now, Canada's open and laparoscopic surgical stapler market has had only two Health Canada licensed stapler suppliers, Medtronic and Johnson & Johnson / Ethicon Endo-Surgery, who have both providing products with small variances in selection and value, to patients, surgeons, surgical teams, hospitals and healthcare payers.

Ontario based Panther Medical Canada Inc. has obtained Health Canada License for the Panther® line of open and endoscopic surgical staplers and plans to deliver increased competition and significant value and savings into this duopoly market and thereby help Canadian Healthcare Providers and Payers by delivering high levels of quality, service and missing economic value to the surgical community.

Panther Medical Canada offers a full range high quality surgical stapling products as used in Gastric, Digestive, Bariatric, Esophageal, Pancreatic, Gynecological and Thoracic surgical procedures, and plans to invest in Canadian robust surgical team training and surgical procedure research and development activities. By partnering with Canadian surgeons, nurses, researchers and payers in training, innovation, research and development and by delivering millions of dollars in missing economic value and efficiencies back to Canadian Healthcare Payers, Panther Medical Canada will improve the lives and the economic relief of Canada's health system and tax payers.

About Panther Medical Canada Inc.
Panther Medical Canada Inc is a welcome addition to the Canadian Healthcare Supplier Landscape. It is an example of Canadian Entrepreneurs looking to reshape healthcare delivery in a few short years. By partnering with Panther Healthcare of China, the 3rd largest manufacturer open and endoscopic stapler products in the world, Panther Medical Canada is poised to deliver significant value and savings to Canadians. Panther Medical Canada Inc is poised to enter and win market share stake in Canada's $75M Surgery Stapler Duopoly Market and, in the process, plans to save Canadian Taxpayers millions of dollars in annual Healthcare spending. Formed in July 2018 by two successful Canadian Healthcare Entrepreneurs, Mario Cortis and David Goossens of Panther Medical Canada, plan to partner with Canadian hospitals, Surgeons, OR Teams and economic payer stakeholders, to supply high quality, Health Canada Licensed Panther® open and laparoscopic surgical stapling solutions ultimately saving Canadian's money. This company will disrupt pricing inefficiencies in Canadian Healthcare purchasing and expects to battle for market share with Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) and Medtronic (MDT). Panther Medical Canada puts Canadians First.

About Medihub International Inc.
Founded in 2010 by successful Canadian medical devices entrepreneur Mario Cortis, Medihub has spent three decades committed to the delivery of higher quality and value, more economical medical devices to Canadian Healthcare Partners. Medihub International Inc. is a Joint Venture partner in Panther Medical Canada Inc., which holds the exclusive Canadian distribution rights of Panther Healthcare international healthcare products.

About MedQuest Medical Canada Inc.
Founded in 2007 by successful Canadian medical devices entrepreneur David Goossens, MedQuest has focused on sourcing leading edge products from high quality manufacturers for distribution to hospitals and clinics throughout Canada and the USA. MedQuest Medical aims to provide products that improve patient clinical outcomes, while offering cost effective solutions to help address the fiscal challenges within today's healthcare environment.

SOURCE Panther Medical Canada Inc.


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