October 2nd, 2020

// Parler Strategic Investor Continues to Expose Facebook Tyranny

Parler Strategic Investor Continues to Expose Facebook Tyranny

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - Parler, the people-driven free speech platform, today released a statement from Strategic Investor and COO Jeffrey Wernick berated Facebook as the tech giant intensifies efforts to control information flow surrounding the November 3 election.

Wernick, a longtime critic of Facebook’s abusive data practices and public deception, addressed a recent announcement that the tech publisher will ban ads that question the election results or raise issues of potential voter fraud.

Parler, in a pledge released last week, affirmed its commitment to a free flow of information related to the election, including unfettered access for candidates, election workers, political parties, journalists, and watchdogs to share information with the public.

“Facebook’s move to block ads alleging irregularities with the vote is just another part of their plan to control the dissemination of information and, ultimately, tell Americans what they should think,” said Mr. Wernick. “First they told us they would brownout posts from sources they do not like. Now, they say they will block efforts to counter this content curation via purchasing access to News Feeds, whenever the content at issue contradicts Facebook’s chosen narrative. While private businesses may have the right to do these kinds of things, we have the right—particularly during an election season—to judge this as more technoauthoritarianism. 

“As usual, Facebook tries to use nice words to make their authoritarianism sound benign. Their polished spokespeople talk about preventing reports of ‘isolated incidents’ from damaging the perception of election integrity. This spin is nothing short of Orwellian language manipulation.

“Language matters. Truth matters. All incidents are by definition ‘isolated.’ They are individual occurrences. One hundred fifty million Americans are expected to vote across some 180,000 precincts, with as much as 75 percent participating by mail, many in jurisdictions inexperienced with administrating such programs. 

“There are sure to be problematic incidents. Some may be honest mistakes. Some may be deliberate fraud. Some may be minor and non-impactful, while others may be significant and alter the outcome.  We don’t know what will happen, but we need and deserve full access to all the information available so we can do our best to integrate it, arrive at explanatory theories, and decide for ourselves as sovereign individuals whether there’s been any deliberate malfeasance.

“What Americans need, and what the integrity of our Republic demands, is that every incident is transparently reported and discussed so people can decide whether they’re anecdotal and inconsequential or whether, instead, they’re systemic and, more importantly, outcome-determinative.

“Democracy demands transparency. The People must be confident that the election result, whether their preferred candidate wins or loses, is legitimate. Americans have the right to examine every incident and decide for themselves what to think. Facebook’s plan to brownout information attempts to deprive us of that right. At best, it will create a miasma of suspicion and resentment. At worst, it could obscure evidence of real systemic fraud or election interference. 

“Americans should accept neither.

“We welcome everyone to join our community and decide for themselves what to read, hear, think, write, and share. Let’s #Erasebook, #Twexit and join the #Transparency2020 movement at Parler.”

Parler was founded in 2018 and has a community of over 4 million people. The platform is committed to free speech, does not mine or sell data, and does not censor content based on politics or ideology. Parler continues to stand with the People and against Technoauthoritarianism.


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