February 20th, 2020

// PEAR Sports Acquires Functional Solutions to Strengthen a Full Featured Platform in Digital Fitness and to Expand to New Markets


PEAR Sports Acquires Functional Solutions to Strengthen a Full Featured Platform in Digital Fitness and to Expand to New Markets

Functional Solutions’ Group Exercise Programming Will Be Integrated into PEAR’s Coaching Platform to Provide Fitness and Wellness Providers with Enhanced Digital Solutions for Members

NEWPORT BEACH, CA - February 20, 2020 - PEAR Sports, creators of the PEAR Health & Fitness Platform that delivers smart digital coaching technology, today announced it has acquired Functional Solutions. Functional Solutions is a leader in the fitness industry in visual programming and distribution of custom fitness content for individual and group training experiences. 

PEAR will merge Functional Solutions’ technology into its enterprise SaaS solution to offer full client engagement for guests and members at gyms, in hotels and resorts, at active aging centers, and other locations. The ability to match PEAR’s personalized audio coaching, symbiotic music and adaptive biometric workouts with Functional Solutions’ unique content distribution technology will enhance the user experience and increase engagement.  Applications for this powerful instructional coaching content are prevalent in education, medical and therapeutic clinics, corporate wellness and military training.

Functional Solutions, founded by fitness industry veteran Dave Hannum, is a digital fitness platform that simplifies the creation and delivery of visual workout programming for facilities and individual users. The platform delivers a catalog of functional movement video snippets that can be arranged in custom sequences, allowing users and trainers to create workouts on the spot while integrating their unique programming style and brand. Workouts can be distributed through TV display, mobile app, text or QR code (See attached QR Code for a sample Workout of the Day). Current partners include Life Fitness, Chuze Fitness, Spenga, and Club Fitness.


The PEAR Health & Fitness Platform enables enterprises to build and deliver state-of-the-art digital fitness and wellness programming. PEAR’s proprietary solutions combine the best in mobile and wearable technology with interactive audio coaching, voiced by world-class athletes. PEAR’s Training Intelligence®creates adaptive workouts in real-time, utilizing biometric markers and contextual inputs that balance training to optimize results. Additionally, PEAR Pro Coach with human-touch tele-coaching allows trainers to quickly customize individual and group workouts with smart guidance for proper sequencing, training load, and recovery balance. Companies can choose from PEAR’s extensive library of expert-guided sessions,or use their own custom content. Operators leverage PEAR’s enterprise management tools to identify exercise trends and user behaviors to make better informed decisions about programming and equipment purchases.

Bob Allison, Founder of PEAR Sports, said, “We are proud to have the Functional Solutions team join PEAR to expand our knowledge of the gym and boutique fitness markets. Dave Hannum spent over 16 years leading U.S. technology at TechnoGym, and now after founding Functional Solutions, he has successfully partnered with some of the best brands in the fitness sector. We know our combined product offerings will allow PEAR to increase market reach.”

“Digital engagement with members is now a requirement in the fitness industry and others,” said Functional Solutions Founder and CEO, Dave Hannum. “I’m fired up about combining our leading visual exercise content distribution technology with PEAR’s adaptive audio coaching and biometrics to maximize the choices and benefits for all our customers.”

Functional Solutions will retain its brand name and headquarters in Newport News, Virginia. PEAR Sports Development Lab is located in Solana Beach, California.

About PEAR Sports

PEAR Sports is perfecting the personalized delivery of digital health, wellness and fitness programs. Our platform and solutions deliver on-demand customized coaching that creates great experiences for customers and enterprises. www.pearsports.com.

About Functional Solutions

Functional Solutions provides an easy way to create unique, dynamic digital workout and wellness content to distribute anywhere, anytime.  The company’s product solutions range from TV display to mobile apps and focuses on customized visualization and simplicity. Functional Solutions’ client base spans across the US and Europe. www.functionalsolutions.io.


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