February 2nd, 2021

// Peptides: The Men’s Health Aging Hack No One Ever Told You About

When it comes to combating the most common symptoms of low T, testosterone replacement therapy can be an extremely effective solution. In fact, most men report an improvement in their symptoms as soon as two weeks after beginning treatment.

But some of the most unwanted symptoms of low T also benefit from another solution: peptides. 

If you’re asking yourself “what’s a peptide?” right now, you’re not alone. In a recent survey by men’s telehealth company Vault Health, only 35% of respondents reported knowing what peptides are. 

Peptides are small naturally-occurring molecules of less than 50 amino acids that signal the body’s natural production of certain compounds such as hormones, according to Dr. Myles Spar, Vault’s Chief Medical Officer. “Chances are, you’re already familiar with a peptide or two. Insulin, for example, is a peptide that draws blood sugar, or glucose, into cells,” he says. 

Different peptides will have different (and very specific) effects on the body.  

“Growth hormone secretagogues are one example of peptides that can increase the body’s natural production of growth hormone in a safe and effective way, which can help you boost energy, burn fat, and build muscle. Other peptides can affect hair growth, support the immune system, or improve brain cell functioning,” says Dr. Spar. 

Though the research behind peptides and their effects on the body continues to expand each day, Vault Health’s medical team has zoned in on several specific peptides that are safe, FDA approved, and have been proven to help with physical, cognitive, and sexual performance. They include: 

Growth Hormone-Releasing Peptides

Growth hormone-releasing peptides (GHRPs) are small molecules that naturally boost the body’s production of growth hormone. GHRPs gently coax the body to produce growth hormone by affecting the pituitary gland, making these a safe and effective option for men looking to improve their body composition and physique, regardless of T levels. Increased levels of growth hormone can help with energy levels, sleep quality, and mood while making it easier to pack on muscle mass and lose some body fat. 

Dr. Spar says: “For example, our Body Kit utilizes two different peptides in combination for their synergistic effect— CJC-1295 and Ipamorelin. CJC-1295 stimulates the secretion of growth hormones while Ipamorelin blocks a growth hormone inhibitor.” 

Semax Peptide

A recent study found that Semax can improve brain circulation and functioning–and also significantly improve memory and attention. Other studies have even shown Semax to 

be effective in protecting brain cells from damage. Semax works by increasing the production of BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) which boosts brain cell production and protects brain cells from early death. 

“This peptide is so powerful that it is used in many settings for people with dementia or traumatic brain injury,” says Dr. Spar. Vault Health also offers Semax as part of its Brain Kit where it is accompanied by a brain-boosting mix of natural supplements that can help protect the brain from the toxic effects of chronic stress and improve the overall resiliency of brain cells.

Bremelanotide Peptide 

Bremelanotide, a peptide hormone that activates melanocortin receptors, is an effective and efficient treatment for both erectile dysfunction and increased libido in men and women. It’s also one of the key ingredients in Vault’s Libido Kit. “So, if you’re having trouble getting turned on, ask your provider if Bremelanotide can help,” says Dr. Spar. 

Oxytocin Peptide

The Oxytocin peptide is a safe and potent supplement based on the hormone Oxytocin that our bodies produce naturally in many scenarios, like when you have an extended hug with someone for 30 seconds or more. Dr. Spar says: “As a bonding hormone, Oxytocin will help you feel more connected to your partner and has the incredible side effect of increasing the intensity of orgasms, which is one of the main reasons it’s included in our Sex Kit. Not only this, but Oxytocin works to promote a generally improved sense of wellbeing and acts to reduce stress.” 

We believe supplements should be treated like icing on the cake rather than standalone treatments. When used to support a healthy diet, regular exercise, and stress and sleep management, peptides can have an incredible impact on body composition,” says Dr. Spar. 

More information can be found at www.vaulthealth.com/consumer-health.


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