January 9th, 2018

// Perfecting Peace: 4 Tips to a Better Meditation Session – Guest Post

Perfecting Peace: 4 Tips to a Better Meditation Session

If you’ve been looking to improve your mental health, you’ve likely read about meditation. This is a practice that’s so simple, it seems difficult. Meditation involves concentrating on the breath and observing thoughts as they arise. It allows us to gain better control over our emotions and actions. These four tips to a better meditation session will be of great help to you.

Eliminate Distractions

In our world of constant notifications and instant responses, it’s hard to imagine being completely isolated. When meditating, you need to be focused on yourself and your breath. Set a timer (no longer than ten minutes to start), close your eyes, and just watch your breath. You will become distracted by other things. There might be sounds outside of your room. A surefire distraction will be your thoughts. They’ll come to you in waves, often about things that frustrate and anger you. Let them be. There’s no shame to be felt in emotions. What’s important is monitoring them so that they don’t gain control of you.

Use Accessories

If you want to get the most out of your meditation session, you might introduce some trinkets. There are things you can use, such as an aromatherapy necklace, which will help you relax all the more. You want your meditation experience to be as comfortable as possible. While you shouldn’t fall asleep, you can still use these tools to help you. Look for stores that specialize in new age products. They’ll help you determine what can help you the most on your journey towards enlightenment. Something as simple as a mat could go a long way towards making your experience more gratifying. Just remember to not feel like you need to fill a void. You can meditate well with nothing as long as you are devoted to the present moment.


The concept of mindfulness is so complex. While you don’t need to become a scholar in order to meditate, you want to learn as much as possible. There are all kinds of texts you can find to learn more about this ancient practice. You can find these at your local bookstore or public library. You can also find out a great deal online. Check out forums that deal with meditation. Here, you can learn from experienced practitioners about what helped them on their journeys. Feel free to share your experiences with them. They’ll be welcoming to you, as everyone starts out as a beginner. With more practice, you might find yourself eventually giving advice to new meditators.

Be Consistent

Imagine if you went to the gym a couple times then never went again. You wouldn’t get anywhere, right? Similarly, you need to meditate on a regular basis. Some people get the idea that meditation is only beneficial when they’re particularly stressed out. Adhering to this will only get you into trouble, as you’ll be too agitated to focus properly. Even if you feel on top of the world, you can benefit from meditation. You want to be as in tune with your mind as possible. Over time, meditation can become as natural to you as brushing your teeth. Consider it your way of refreshing your mind. The more you meditate, the clearer your mind will become. And the clearer your mind becomes, the more enjoyment you’ll be able to wrest from life.

Meditation is such a rewarding process, because it allows you to get to know yourself. By adhering to a regular practice, you can open your mind to such wonderful and enlightening sensations. Take this tips to heart and realize how much potential is waiting to be unleashed


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