July 13th, 2021

// Plant Veda announces co-marketing initiative with one of the nation’s largest Chinese-Canadian online grocery delivery services, Luniu Mall

Plant Veda announces co-marketing initiative with one of the nation’s largest Chinese-Canadian online grocery delivery services, Luniu Mall

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, July 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Plant Veda Foods Ltd. (CSE:MILK) (XFRA:A3CS6B) (the “Company” or “Plant Veda”), an award-winning dairy-alternative company, is pleased to announce that it has entered into a co-marketing initiative with Luniumall.com, one of the largest Chinese-Canadian Online grocery delivery services in Canada with over 40,000 active users.

Under the co-marketing initiative, Plant Veda and Luniu Mall will develop a series of Mandarin-speaking marketing content targeting the Chinese-Canadian community. 

Luniu Mall is a fresh food distribution platform located in Richmond, BC. The online e-commerce platform, available on iOS, Android and luniumall.com, provides users with global fresh fruits, vegetables, and quality food.

The Company has already had its products listed on Luniumall.com since early 2021, in which Plant Veda saw an immediate adoption from Luniu Mall’s customer base, making this collaboration the logical next step.

Plant Veda believes the introduction of their brand to the Mandarin-Canadian consumer market will pave the way for the Company’s planned international expansion. 

“The entrance into the Chinese-Canadian community is an important one, not only because there is a significant number of Mandarin-speaking consumers in Canada, but also because most of them have relatives in China which is one of the largest dairy markets in the world,” says Plant Veda President Michael Yang.

Plant Veda’s aim is in having more dairy consumers adopt dairy-free products, and to provide a fluid transition and alternative option for current dairy consumers. This collaboration will allow a further reach for more consumers to explore different lifestyle changes and find what works best for them. Plant Veda is thrilled for this partnership, which will play a vital role in making healthier options available and accessible to new markets, and further the Company’s goal of providing healthy and impactful products to a wide range of consumers.

About Plant Veda

Plant Veda has a mission to accelerate humanity’s shift to a plant-based lifestyle. They remain clear in their goals, which is to improve the environment and humanity’s overall health due to plant-based lifestyles. They have succeeded in creating award-winning plant-based dairy alternatives that are better than the original in terms of health and flavour. Plant Veda continues to shake up the dairy-free market by creating unique, one-of-a-kind products that leave their customers forgetting about dairy to begin with.

To learn more about Plant Veda, visit www.plantveda.com.


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