August 9th, 2015

// Pranamat Eco Review – PRANAMAT ECO THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE MAT @pranamant

I recently tried out the Pranamat Eco. According to their website there are many different uses for it. I love the color of my personal mat (basically tiffanies green). Let me first say that this is not just another pretty looking yoga mat! It is functional and has a multitude of uses! It also comes with a 5 year warranty! THATS A LONG TIME! It was quick to ship and looks just like it is advertised. It also is made of eco friendly materials which is a bonus these days (hence the word eco). I was using it for post workout. At first it took a while to get use to. It was pretty intense actually but after using it a few times I got use to how the pressure points felt. I have been sleeping a lot better. I have not been waking up through the nights and I have been very well rested. Who would have thought that something like this could make that big of a difference.



Traditional treatment for body pain isn't for everybody, and if the thought of taking drugs and medication makes you shudder you'll be pleased to know that there is an alternative that has no risks and no side-effects.

The treatment is simple; just lie on the Pranamat ECO mat for 15 to 20 minutes every day. This acupressure mat has been created by wellness experts and harnesses a wonderful combination of ancient theories and holistic therapy to deliver effective body massage via its collection of pointed lotus flowers.

The effects of the Pranamat are incredibly similar to those of acupuncture. Circulation is improved, toxins throughout the body are eliminated and muscles, joints and tissues are relaxed. The nervous system is also stimulated in order to encourage the release of endorphins, the body's natural painkillers. Not only will persistent pain by reduced, but you'll experience a heightened state of mental and physical wellbeing. Whilst you'll notice these effects with each daily use of the Pranamat ECO, you'll also find that over time the mat can actually help to cure chronic aches and pains.

Pranamat ECO is made from high quality, natural and sustainable materials in order to have minimal impact on our environment. It looks and feels beautiful and the impact it will have on your overall health and wellbeing will be astounding. Make it a part of your lifestyle and daily routine in order to make chronic disorders a thing of the past. Your life will become more energized, revitalized and above all else, free from pain without the intervention of traditional medication.

The website provides programs for different uses of the mat and even provides some good video content:

The pure pleasure created by your experience on this mat causes the body to release waves of endorphins - neurotransmitters that serve as your body’s most powerful natural painkillers and sources of well-being. A short session with the Pranamat will leave you feeling happy, satisfied, and well-rested.


It can be purchased online HERE. Give it a try I guaranteed if you make it part of your daily routine you won't be disappointed. I now have it on my computer chair and sit it in it whenever I do work!



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