March 8th, 2018

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March 7, 2018 (Waterloo, ON) - Local not-for-profit STEM Camp looks to Dragons’ Den for help to solve Canadian Girls in STEM issue

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It is well known that Canada does not come close to gender parity in STEM-related fields.1 Why is this? And, why is this an issue? According to STEM Camp CEO, Kevin Cougler, the answer to the first question is a challenge but the answer to the second question is simply that it’s a numbers game.


“If we look at gender parity as a purely mathematical concept, we would begin by agreeing that, if we aren’t attracting enough girls to STEM careers it is a potentially untapped market”, indicates Cougler. “Why wouldn’t we want the best and brightest minds in our STEM fields? The more girls we can inspire to consider these careers the better chance we have of finding the best people.”


Cougler feels the Dragons could help. “Not attracting girls to STEM careers is a generational and national challenge. The Dragons’ Den is a national program that could bring much needed attention to this issue. With the help of the Dragons we may be able to inspire parents to talk about the career opportunities available for their girls and the importance that STEM education will play in a future where 80-90% of jobs will require STEM skills” stated Cougler. “That’s what today was all about in our quest to be chosen for CBC’s Dragons’ Den.”


STEM Camp is a Canadian not -for-profit summer camp that was started by Cougler in 2013 with a mission to inspire and prepare today’s youth for a future of STEM careers. At the camp, youth participate in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) activities that are designed to be fun and engaging. Since 2013, STEM Camp has grown from 2 locations and 80 campers to 77 locations and an estimated 15,000 campers during the summer of 2018. Cougler was joined today by his father Ron, Executive Director, and their new friends Blaine and Rosie who participated in a contest where they had to convince their parents that they should be the first girl to go to the moon. They convinced their parents but also STEM Camp!


It is of interest to note that STEM Camp’s enrolments of girls has seen a steady increase each year, bringing girls one step closer to gender parity.  While Cougler still doesn’t know the answer to question one (1) above, he is encouraged by the small contribution his summer STEM Camp is making to the problem. Learn more from STEM Camp’s website2, Facebook. Instagram and Twitter.




2 Website:


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