December 21st, 2018

// QUANTIC NANOTECH to Present First Digital Health Osteoarthritis Wearable Aid Treatment System at Las Vegas CES 2019

QUANTIC NANOTECH to Present First Digital Health Osteoarthritis Wearable Aid Treatment System at Las Vegas CES 2019

MADRID and LAS VEGAS, Dec. 21, 2018 /CNW/ - QUANTIC NANOTECH, a product division of Spanish DEMAC S.A. group has today announced the presentation in Eureka Park at CES 2019 of the first real wearable device for the aid, prevention and home treatment of osteoarthritis.

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The new product is simple and convenient and can be used at home, controlled by any smartphone or as standalone IoT device, monitored remotely by medical personnel.

"Three years ago I was diagnosed with hand osteoarthritis. When I went to the hospital I found the treatment so cumbersome and complicated that I decided to create a more simple and efficient solution for everyone," said Jose Luis Torre DEMACgroup CEO and author of many international related published patents.

The product has been awarded internationally at various shows like InPEX Pittsburgh, ITEX Indonesia and 'Salon International des Inventions' Geneva and integrates cutting-edge technologies like memory shaped alloys and latest generation materials.

Dr. Juan Mulero MD Rheumatologist of the Ruber Internacional Hospital of Madrid said:

"The customized adaptation along with the possibility of applying topical treatments provided for this device can be very useful in hand osteoarthritis" who also declared: "This device is a way to apply at the same time and during the night several modalities of treatment in the osteoarthritic handThis disease is very common, because according to the Framingham Ostearthritis Study it produces in US symptoms of pain and deformity in 16% of women and in 8% of males. The local management of hand osteoarthritis combines both non-pharmacological and pharmacological approaches. Topical nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are recommended as a first-line pharmacological treatment, and splints might offer warmth, support and stabilization of joints."

QUANTIC NANOTECH has secured a seed capital investment already for the development of the product, and is looking for specialised Venture Capital for rapid worldwide implementation.

Rheumatism and osteoarthritis is a very common disease and is the major cause of sick leave worldwide with USD$ 304 Billions of total medical and earning losses just in the US alone approximately equivalent to 1% of US gross domestic product GDP (Source: - 2013).

About DEMAC S.A. 

Established in 1992, DEMAC S.A. group is formed by a team of Engineers with passion for innovation that has been serving the consumer market in Spain and USA and has an extensive patent portfolio.



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