November 30th, 2018

// Quorum Medical Clinic Launches Ground-Breaking STI Self-Screening Service Prélib

Quorum Medical Clinic Launches Ground-Breaking STI Self-Screening Service Prélib


MONTREAL, Nov. 30, 2018 /CNW/ - Tomorrow, Quorum Medical Clinic will open an innovative medical clinic in downtown Montreal, a first-of-its-kind sexually transmitted infection (STI) self-screening clinic. Quorum Medical Clinic has a mission focused on sexual health and serving at-risk individuals in the region. This vital groundbreaking program addresses current barriers often preventing individuals from getting tested. These barriers include ease of accessibility and stigma. The program aims to break down these barriers by providing timely testing services in a safe, easy, stigma-free way. The new clinic concept, named Prélib, is the only self-screening clinic of its kind in Canada.

"We know that many individuals are currently feeling they have no easily accessible options to get the vital testing for STI's that all Quebecers should have access to in a stigma-free environment - without judgment," said Dr. Maxim R. Éthier, physician and co-founder of Quorum Medical Clinic. Prélib combines state of the art communication technologies with medical expertise to facilitate safe and accessible STI testing.  The program also provides personalized education on prevention.

The STI Self-Screening clinic opens tomorrow, December 1, 2018, which is also World AIDS Day. The service will aim to engage individuals who otherwise would not get tested and may not know if they have an STI or know their HIV status. The new clinic will work to directly improve health outcomes by identifying and moving to provide necessary treatment to patients who require further care.

"We recognize that many Quebecers and indeed Canadians are not easily able to access the STI testing services they need in a safe and stigma-free environment. Following months of work to design an online web platform for individuals to book appointments and view test results, and with a unique self-testing clinic, we are excited to see how our efforts will work to engage those whose health care needs are not currently being met," added Dr. Éthier. "Left untreated, these health concerns can have serious impacts on both these individuals and those around them. It is vital for health providers to recognize how the status quo is not meeting the needs for patients and address those gaps in care."

This project was made possible by a ViiV Healthcare Canada grant awarded through its healthcare organization support for innovative programs. ViiV's program aims to support healthcare-related organizations across Canada in their goal to improve health outcomes and/or the quality of life for patients living with HIV/AIDS.

"New HIV and STI testing services aim to directly address the current gaps in testing for at-risk individuals," said Sara Leclerc, General Manager of ViiV Healthcare Canada. "ViiV is proud to support organizations like Quorum and Prélib who develop and provide innovative services to improve health outcomes and the quality of life for Quebecers."

Quorum Medical Clinic provides innovative health care services in Montreal. Its mission is to serve at-risk populations in the region and is also focused particularly on sexual health. It offers safe and stigma-free care to its patients in a modern facilitity located in the heart of Montreal. Prélib is located adjacent to the main Quorum Clinic with a dedicated entrance and patient testing rooms. More information on Quorum and Prélib can be found at

ViiV Healthcare is the only company 100% dedicated to developing HIV treatments to continue the fight against HIV/AIDS and ultimately improve the health of those whose lives are touched by the virus. Learn more about ViiV Healthcare and how we are supporting the HIV/AIDS community at


SOURCE Quorum Medical Clinic


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