January 26th, 2021

// RBC Youth Mental Well-being Project Gives $50,000 to Renascent, to Support Youth Access to Life-Save Addiction Treatment Programs

RBC Youth Mental Well-being Project Gives $50,000 to Renascent, to Support Youth Access to Life-Save Addiction Treatment Programs

TORONTO, Jan. 26, 2021 /CNW/ - The RBC Youth Mental Well-being Project has given $50,000 to Renascent, one of Ontario's leading addiction treatment providers, to support transitional aged youth in accessing  intensive addiction treatment programs, including inpatient treatment and intensive virtual outpatient treatment. This is the second year that the RBC Youth Mental Well-being Project has provided this grant in support of transitional aged youth accessing addiction treatment at Renascent.

 The RBC Youth Mental Well-being Project is RBC's commitment to supporting programs that help youth and families access the right care at the right time. As the Project explains, only 1 in 5 youth with a mental health illness get access to the care they need. Many families spend months waiting in line for mental health services, only to be informed that they were in the wrong line, forcing them to join another wait list while they struggle to support their child at home. Through the Project, RBC has provided more than $34 million to organizations dedicated to helping kids and families get the programs and resources they need.

Grants like this one support Renascent in providing treatment to transitional age youth. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Renascent has seen a higher number of calls from people, including youth, needing help addressing their mental health and addiction concerns. Here's how Laura Bhoi, Renascent's CEO, describes the impact of this grant:

"Addiction is one of the most widespread health issues facing transitional aged youth today, and there is a huge need for more funded treatment.  Thank you to RBC for their leadership in providing critical funding grants in support of intensive addiction treatment for youth.  At a time when substance use disorders are on the rise, this support makes all the difference."                 

– Laura Bhoi, CEO

Renascent is one of Ontario's largest and longest-standing addiction treatment providers, celebrating 50 years of leadership in addiction treatment. Founded in 1970, Renascent offers evidence-based, trauma-informed care that addresses substance addiction and concurrent mental health issues. The story and details of Renascent can be found at renascent.ca.

SOURCE Renascent


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