April 7th, 2021

// Ready to Start Working Out Again? How to Choose the Right Gym for Your Needs

Ready to Start Working Out Again? How to Choose the Right Gym for Your Needs

It seems more and more individuals are trying to focus on living a healthier lifestyle. As a natural component to any change in overall wellbeing, it is common to include a fitness regimen into the new lifestyle plan. Whether you are a newbie to the gym scene or trying to get back into the exercise and fitness game, selecting the right fitness plan for you can be filled with both excitement and challenges. For many, a new health routine will include joining a gym or fitness center. If you are ready to start working out again, here are some things to consider when choosing the perfect gym for you.

Find Your "Why?"

The first question you must answer before beginning any kind of fitness program is "Why are you joining a gym?" The "why" will help narrow down the kind of fitness programs to look for, equipment that you want to be able to use, and other important factors. Is a nutrition bar or on-site access to a nutritionist important to you? Are you looking for an overall change in well-being or is bodybuilding more your speed? Do you prefer classes or working out on your own? These and many other questions are ones to consider as you look at your fitness center options.

Make a Fitness Routine

Now that you know what you are wanting to accomplish, let's take a moment and explore some of the types of experiences you can find at many gyms and fitness centers  across the nation. Approaching a fitness routine is a unique experience. Many gyms offer a variety of equipment ranging from treadmills and stationary bicycles to stair climbers and rowing machines. Just about every gym will also include free-weights and strength training machines. 

These are all great, but sometimes you may want a different type of experience. Many of the larger gyms—and even some of the smaller ones—will offer classes ranging from Zumba and Step classes to cycling and stretching. 

If you have issues with accountability, many gyms will also offer access to a personal trainer, fitness coach, or nutritionist. There are even some locations that offer 24-hour access for when your hours don't line up with the "normal" world.

Explore Other Fitness Centers

Of course, there are other ways to get into shape that don't include a standard gym. Some fitness centers focus on creating a mind-body connection. Yoga, Barre classes, and other dance-based or mind/body/spirit-based centers offer great ways to get in shape and lead a healthier, more active lifestyle. Just like a traditional gym, these health centers are as varied as the individuals that frequent them. Most will offer classes for all fitness levels and have great instructors available to provide one-on-one instruction and guidance as you continue on your journey.

There are many ways to get into shape. As you explore the different options, remember that the path that is right for you might be found in an unusual place. Try different options until you find the one that you enjoy the most and makes you feel tired yet refreshed at the end of your session. Remember, if you enjoy it, you'll keep doing it, and that leads to a healthier, more active life.


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