October 2nd, 2019

// Rights 4 Vapers Responds to Proposed Changes to Nova Scotia’s Tobacco Access Act

Rights 4 Vapers Responds to Proposed Changes to Nova Scotia's Tobacco Access Act

TORONTO, Oct. 2, 2019 /CNW/ - Canada's leading vapers' rights association, Rights 4 Vapers, today responded to proposed changes by Nova Scotia Progressive Conservative leader Tim Houston to Nova Scotia's Tobacco Access Act.

"Rights 4 Vapers is the voice of Canadian adult vapers, 98 percent of whom are former smokers. As parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, we understand the need for the Government of Nova Scotia to take action to reduce access to vaping products to youth, particularly with the news reports of vaping-related illnesses. I would also like to stress that we support fair and reasonable regulation and manufacturing standards to ensure consumer safety," said Professor Chris Lalonde, a leading expert on vaping and academic advisor to Rights 4 Vapers.

However, any changes to the Tobacco Access Act should also take into consideration the thousands of adult smokers who have chosen vaping as a way to quit smoking and reduce their risk of the particular health problems smoking will cause.

An essential factor in a smoker's decision to transition to vaping is taste. The flavoured vaping products give smokers a reason to move away from the burnt-tobacco taste of cigarettes. Flavours must remain available.

The role of flavours is something that adult vapers have confirmed.

In the largest survey of Canadian adult vapers, with over 4000 respondents, Rights 4 Vapers found that the clear majority of vapers use flavoured products like fruits and candy. Also, 94 percent say that they have quit smoking because of vaping and 98 percent say that they smoke less because of vaping.

"This is a good thing," said Professor Lalonde. "Why would the Government of Nova Scotia want to put barriers up to prevent smokers from moving to vaping products? There has to be a way to both prevent youth from vaping and give smokers the products that best help them to quit."

Nova Scotia is not the only province considering expanded vaping regulations. British Columbia and Alberta are also considering new regulations.

About Rights 4 Vapers 
Rights 4 Vapers is an organization of vaping advocates dedicated to the advancement of Canadian-based research on vaping. Dr. Chris Lalonde is an academic advisor.

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