May 11th, 2017

// RSVP Skinnies- A Review

It's less than 50 days until summer which means its time to attend amazing BBQ's and weekends out with your friends. What does that mean? Drinks! Normally, this sounds like a good time, however, when you're serious about your fitness goals or prepping for something, the first thing to go is usually alcohol. Most alcoholic beverages are full of sugar and ingredients that not only make for a not so great next day, but definitely take you off course for your fitness goals that you are trying to achieve. Sometimes, staying away from drinks at family get togethers and evenings out with friends can make sticking to your plan really hard. But what if we told you there is away to enjoy the occasional drink without the guilt of veering off of your plan?

Well there is!
A friend recently introduced us to a new cocktail mixer called, "RSVP Skinnies". These all natural cocktail mixers are absolutely amazing!!! They allow you to celebrate and toast with your friends without the guilt.
What I love most about these is that they are so discreet no one will even notice that you aren't having a sugary, carb filled drink. They come in 4 flavors that I know of (Baja Margarita, NY Cosmo, London Gimlet and Maui Mai Tai) but my favorite flavor has been the Baja Margarita. My drink of choice is a Margarita but when prepping or on a meal plan I stay away from Margarita's and pretty much any alcohol because I don't want the extra calories, sugars and carbs.. What I love about the Baja Margarita flavor is how easy it is to make... All you need is:
1.5 Oz of Tequila (or a shot of Tequila)
and your 'Skinnie packet'
When out with friends, all you need to order is a shot of Tequila and a glass of Ice Water and you can have a Margarita without the guilt!
What makes these "Skinnies" even more amazing is that they contain no preservatives, aspartame or artificial coloring.
Did I mention they're also cost-friendly... They're about $1 a packet or $6 per box.
You can order them at
This is a great thing to have around as we approach the summer! But as with everything, drink these in moderation!
Check out this YouTube video below to see how to make your very own 'Skinnies Margarita on the Rocks'


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