September 20th, 2020

// SafeZoneUV is here to stop germs at the door.

SafeZoneUV is here to stop germs at the door.
Powerful UV light kills 99% of the germs and turns on using light sensors after holding the door knob.
Ultraviolet (UV) light is lethal to germs acting like silver bullets to these tiny monsters.Why? UV light scrambles the DNA deep within microbes like bacteria, killing them almost instantly. It’s quick. It’s easy. It’s clean.Door knobs are breeding grounds for bacteria waiting to transfer from each person that comes in and out. SafeZoneUV is the first real solution to stop germs at the door.
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The system works on timed disinfecting intervals of a few seconds, all initiated by someone grabbing the handle and then letting go to enter or leave.Example: Individual approaches door, grabs hold of the handle with the SafeZoneUV attached, open door and walk-in. When your hand leaves the handle, a disinfecting light comes on for three seconds as the door closes, and before it closes completely, it is disinfected and ready for the next person.
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The SafeZoneUV hands free foot door opener completely changes the game when it comes to accessibility, allowing doors to be opened without having to touch anything in the first place. It attaches to the door using either the supplied 2 sided adhesive strip, or can be directly bolted to the door using supplied mounting hardware. Keep things safe and clean without ever having to worry about contact in the first place.
Great for workplaces where your hands may be occupied lifting or moving things so you can open doors with your feet, great for hotels and condos and places with high amounts of foot traffic where constant sanitizing and cleaning can be cumbersome and invasive! Don't forget the family, its perfect for homes, garages, or for extended family like grandparents or grandkids in places like condos and apartments where there may be many doors and other people between the main entrance and their actual home.
SafeZone is now available for early birds exclusively on Indiegogo


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