September 22nd, 2022

// Samaritan Ministries health care sharing members are free from confusing, expensive health insurance system

Samaritan Ministries health care sharing members are free from confusing, expensive health insurance system

National survey shows that few Americans are satisfied with quality of health care system

PEORIA, Ill. — A majority of Americans are unsatisfied with the nation’s health care system, according to a poll from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. In fact, Americans of all age groups are profoundly dissatisfied. Only 12% say health care is handled “extremely well or very well.”

“This is why it is so important to give families better choices when it comes to their health care,” said Anthony Hopp, chief purpose officer of Samaritan Ministries International (Samaritan). “Health care sharing is not insurance; it is Christians joining together to help each other, keep costs down and gain the freedom and control to choose the best care for their medical needs.”

Overall, only 6% of Americans say the quality of services including nursing home care and prescription drugs are done “extremely well or very well,” according to the survey. 

“The old song phrase, ‘you better shop around,’ has special significance when it comes to health care,” Hopp said. “Samaritan’s members are free to seek out the best care for their families, including alternative health services that expensive health insurance may exclude.” 

“Navigating the American health care system is exceedingly frustrating,” A. Mark Fendrick, director of the University of Michigan Center for Values-Based Insurance Design, told the Associated Press. “The COVID pandemic has only made it worse.”

“Samaritan helps people cut through the complexity of the health care system and negotiate better prices,” Hopp said. “We also alert our members to health care breakthroughs and the best ways to stay healthy. Our members often write to tell us that they appreciate being able to ‘go outside’ the system, so to speak.”

Benjamin and Ruthann, from Pennsylvania, said:

“The health care system can be a place of conflict when dealing with such vulnerable issues of life, conviction, well-being, and family, so it is so refreshing to go through a Christian program for help, understanding, and encouragement when relating to health/medical experiences.”

Ronnie, from Texas, wrote:

“It is a pleasure to share other believers’ needs instead of paying expensive premiums to health insurance companies.”

Sara, who lives in Hawaii, said:

“Even with a large need during a year that was financially hard for so many, members were so faithful in sending their shares. There were also a few times that I had questions regarding different issues, and I was always able to get a quick and helpful response from Samaritan Ministries.”

Elizabeth, from Minnesota, shared:

“We are so blessed to be a part of Samaritan Ministries. We are very healthy people and went several years with no needs. All of a sudden, this year we ran on tough times medically speaking. We received all our shares as requested! We could not afford health insurance, so Samaritan was a great fit for us. We pray for all the staff daily that you will continue to be a blessing to everyone who is a member. God bless you.”

Samaritan Ministries currently has a membership of 281,602 individuals from 83,361 households.

Samaritan has no limited enrollment period. Government exchange-based health insurance requires signups to occur only during open enrollment periods unless one qualifies for a special enrollment period due to a “life event” such as losing coverage, getting married, moving, or having a baby.

Samaritan Ministrieshealth care sharingoffers additional advantages:

  • No network restrictions. When medical care is needed, Samaritan members choose the health care provider, hospital, and pharmacy that work best for them.
  • The direct-sharing approach allows members to not only help fellow believers with their medical financial needs but to pray for and connect with them on a regular basis.
  • Monthly shares are hundreds of dollars less per month than insurance.

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