September 15th, 2020

// Save a Soul, Save the World to host ‘Warriors for Recovery’ Event

Save a Soul, Save the World to host ‘Warriors for Recovery’ Event

A virtual fitness event will be held to raise money for people who can’t afford rehab

Save a Soul, Save the World is hosting its first ever event called ‘Warriors for Recovery’. The virtual fitness event, which will feature motivational speakers, yoga, and music, has partnered with Fountain Hills Recovery Center to raise money for a scholarship for someone who is unable to afford rehab.  Founder Alexandria Rizik says, “Warriors for Recovery is a fitness event for everyone, whether you, yourself, have struggled with your mental health journey, addiction, are in recovery, or just looking for a fun workout for a great cause! Not only are we raising awareness about these paralyzing diseases, but we are also providing funding for someone struggling with addiction to attend rehab.”

The event will be led by Ryan Read, founder of Thrive Specialized Training. Life coach and author Howard Falco will also speak at the event. Singer/ songwriter Julia Rizik will be debuting music from her upcoming EP, and yoga guru Jacob Daffner will be leading a cooldown/stretch after the workout. 

Rizik says, “I’ve seen so many people who have dealt with addiction and mental disease, and this is my way of helping someone who wants the help, because taking that step is harder than people realize. About 50 percent of people struggling with mental disease are also affected by addiction. Finances shouldn’t be the deciding factor in whether they are able to make that change in their lives.”

The virtual event will take place October 8th from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Upon ticket purchase, you will be entered into a raffle. 

About Save a Soul, Save the World

Save a Soul, Save the World’s mission is to raise awareness on mental health and addiction. Founded by Alexandria Rizik, Save a Soul, Save the World's mission is to raise awareness on mental health, as well as the drug epidemic in America, by providing individuals with the proper resources and helping to put an end to the stigmas that come along with these two paralyzing diseases. In 2017, there was a record high of over 72,000 drug overdoses in America — that tops yearly deaths from car accidents, HIV, or gun deaths. Our youth is at risk with drugs becoming more socially acceptable and commonly used.

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