August 5th, 2020


Insights from the Front-Line of this Great Debate As the school year approaches, parents across the country now face the difficult decision on whether they will send their child back to school. We yearn for so much normal that we can’t fathom the start of school being anything other than normal. COVID-19 continues to surge in cities across the country leaving parents with a basket of impossible choices. But one Arizona Parent is speaking out with a desperate plea to both parents and leaders. shutterstock_1582631863(1).jpg "If our fundamental jobs as parents is to protect our child from harm, then we are about to fail in a monumental way. We are ultimately playing Russian Roulette with the safety of our kids, our family, our towns—and our country..." ...says Carew Papritz, an educational activist, author, and parent whose son is due back in school in just one week. According to Papritz, the decision to re-open schools must be made on facts, science, and statistics. In communities where COVID is surging, it is simply not safe unless testing is done every day.  "We are the parents of 76 million students, and we need to use our amazing powers of influence and we need guidance and support from the leaders..."  ..says PapritzOur children are not businesses to open or close at will. They are not bowling alleys or bars, or hair salons or movie theaters that can be opened or closed depending on the whim of the virus.  Our kids are our lives.  They need us to stand up for them—for their health and safety—for their lives. They need school. They need teachers. They need to learn..Papritz is urging parents across the country to yield their parenting powers, speak out, demand answers from leaders, and be on the front-line for child safety. TALKING POINTS (FOR INTERVIEWS / ARTICLES):How to Yield your Parenting Power & Demand Answers One Arizona Parent's Desperate Plea Re-Opening Schools Based on Facts, Science, and StatisticsPhysical and Emotional Effects of Online vs. In-person Learning 
ABOUT CAREW PAPRITZ: Carew Papritz Photo HIGH RES.jpgCarew Papritz is an educational thought-leader, literacy advocate, and author of the multi-award-winning book, The Legacy Letters.Through his YouTube videos, including the I Love to Readseries andhisFirst-Ever Book Signings, and events such as creating National Thank You Letter Day and the World’s Largest Handwritten Thank You Letter, Papritz spreads the love of reading, learning, and civility to people of all ages. Papritz has made a global impact by being an advocate for literacy and teaching future generations about the importance of legacy. Papritz's writings have been published in a number of media outlets including, The Huffington Post, Reader's Digest, First Time Parent Magazine, and Inc. His most recent Op-ed comments on his time as a freelance photojournalist in the Los Angeles Riots: Why the Riots Again? The Power of Not Normal as Normal.FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT:


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