April 11th, 2017

// Seasonal Allergies: Stop the Itching & Sneezing With These new Apps

Seasonal Allergies: Stop the Itching & Sneezing With These new Apps

Pollenexperts.ca releases a new app to assist people and pets suffering from pollen and mold allergies

OTTAWA, April 11, 2017 /CNW/ - Aerobiology Research Laboratories, the only professional pollen and mold/spore analysis company in North America has just released two new apps to help the 9 million Canadians and 1 million dogs, cats and horses suffering from allergic rhinitis, hay fever or even asthma to avoid allergy triggers in the air.

"There is no cure that exists for seasonal allergies. One of the best ways to avoid the triggers is to know what is in the air" says Frances Coates, owner and operator of Aerobiology Laboratories in Ottawa. "Our new apps allow people and pet owners to see exactly what is in the air and avoid the specific allergens that affect them."

There are two new apps; one is for people who suffer from allergies and one for pets that suffer from allergies. The free apps will provide you with the total pollen levels in the air and forecasts that are over 82% accurate when compared to the actual results. Allergy sufferers may want to sign up for the premium version in order to see the specific pollen and mold levels you are allergic to, get tips to minimize the effects, track your symptoms and medication and compare them as well. You will also get a warning message when specific pollen and spores seasons are about to start. All these features are available on the pet app as well.

When you combine knowledge with science you have the perfect balance to minimize the effects that pollen and spores can have on people's and animals' quality of life. By knowing what is in the air and combining that with your medication and allergist's recommendations, you will have the best combination for minimizing the effects of seasonal allergies and improving your quality of life.

You can download the free people and pet apps from the Apple App Store, Google Play, using search term Aerobiology, or at www.pollenexperts.ca.


SOURCE Aerobiology Research Laboratories


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