June 2nd, 2021

// Silk’n Introduces Innovative Breakthrough with ToothWave Toothbrush

Silk'n Introduces Innovative Breakthrough with ToothWave Toothbrush

ToothWave Reinvents Oral Care with DentalRF® Technology

TORONTO, June 2, 2021 /CNW/ - Silk'n, a global leader in medical aesthetics technology for home-use, is bringing innovative technology to at-home oral hygiene. First unveiled at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, ToothWave is the first and only toothbrush that uses Radio Frequency (RF) energy. ToothWave reduces tartar (calculus), prevents, and reduces gingivitis, reduces stains and improves discolouration.

Silk'n and its parent company, Home Skinovations, have been at the forefront of aesthetic innovations for over 10 years. Silk'n developed the first Intense Pulse Light (IPL) at-home hair removal device that permanently eradicates unwanted hair for both men and women. The company has also developed skin care technology solutions incorporating Infrared Heat, LED Red Light, and Blue Light technologies for home use.

ToothWave utilizes DentalRF® technology, a mild Radiofrequency wave of charged molecules that surrounds the surface of each tooth, providing effective oral hygiene that will not damage the enamel or gums. These charged molecules loosen the bonds between the surface of the tooth and the tartar and stains, allowing for easy removal.

"ToothWave is raising the bar for oral hygiene by reducing tartar," says Michael Bank, President, Home Skinovations, North America. "It is the first toothbrush to utilize DentalRF®, a revolutionary technology."

ToothWave's RF energy streams between two electrodes, bouncing back and forth over a silicon barrier, eliminating the need for vigorous brushing. RF energy has been used in surgical and aesthetic medical applications for several decades. DentalRF® Technology is patent protected in the US, China, Europe, Japan, and Russia and is pending in several other countries including Canada. 

ToothWave is the first and only toothbrush clinically proven to reduce existing tartar. "Tartar is inevitable," says Dr. Yair Lenga, a Toronto-based Periodontist. "Plaque mineralizes in nooks and crannies. ToothWave is clinically proven to reach these hard to access areas." 

Clinical studies undertaken by Salus Research Inc. in Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States, compared ToothWave to a regular electric toothbrush, with participants brushing twice daily for two-minutes. After six weeks ToothWave demonstrated the following results: 

  • Reduction of existing tartar 
  • 37% reduction of stains 
  • 2 shades teeth whitening 
  • 45% reduction of gingivitis (gum inflammation)

Pricing and Availability:
Suggested Retail Price: $349 CAD
ToothWave is available at ToothWave.comAmazon.caTSC.ca, and Costco.ca

Instagram: @tooth.wave and @silknsolution
Facebook: @ToothWave
Hashtag: #SmileItsTheFuture
Website: www.toothwave.com
Frequently Asked Questions: https://www.toothwave.com/faq/

ABOUT Silk'n
Silk'n and its parent company, Home Skinovations Ltd, is an award-winning, internationally acclaimed leader who has been pioneering the at-home beauty business for more than a decade. Silk'n stands for authentic beauty and is a private company with a mission to develop, manufacture and sell high quality consumer devices to help people improve their appearance, defy aging, and reshape their bodies. Over 10 million Silk'n Beautiful Technology devices are currently used worldwide.



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