August 11th, 2020

// Similar to Fine Wine Tasting, Pesticide-Free Cannabis Cultivator Autumn Brands Shares How to Elevate (and Appreciate) Your Cannabis Experience Like a Pro

Similar to Fine Wine Tasting, Pesticide-Free Cannabis Cultivator Autumn Brands Shares How to Elevate (and Appreciate) Your Cannabis Experience Like a Pro

The 50% woman-owned, sustainably-focused brand is helping to put Santa Barbara on the map with pure, potent strains that beg for a more gourmet approach    

SANTA BARBARA, California – (August 11th, 2020): Just as Napa Valley winemakers put their region on the map with exceptional offerings, Autumn Brands and local area growers are making a name for themselves in the world of Cannabis. Backed by decades of hard-won, sustainable farming expertise, 50% woman-owned Autumn Brands stands out as a sixth-generation, family-run clean grow operation with a health-centered holistic focus and refreshingly artisanal approach. Upholding a legacy built on continuous innovation, top quality, and consumer education, the brand now follows its June release of popular Blue Dream CBD with a brief guide to enjoying and appreciating each unique strain to the fullest.

“Choosing a Cannabis strain from among the many out there can compare to selecting a favorite wine varietal,” explains Hanna Brand, Co-Founder of Autumn Brands. “Like a fine wine, each carries a unique complexity that, to the trained palate, tell the unmistakable story of its climate and growing technique.” 

The temperate climate of Santa Barbara, with its cool ocean breezes, moderate heat, and plentiful sunshine, creates an ideal atmosphere for Autumn Brands’ pure, greenhouse-grown flower. Here are the key elements that create a roadmap for identifying and making the most of each unique bud:

  • Color and texture are the first noticeable traits of a strain. Flowers can produce a spectrum of hues, from deep purples to bright oranges or greens, along with a varying degree of trichomes - which appear like crystals on its surface. Note, also, whether it is dense or fluffy and sticky or on the drier side, as these aspects will affect the burn rate. 
  • Terpenes are the molecules that create a strain’s distinctive aroma. Each Cannabis plant typically produces a unique combination of around 200 terpenes, determined by things like its breeding and cultivation process. The best way to sample a flower’s terpenes is to gently crush it with your fingers and inhale, as the aroma vaporizes when heated. 
  • Flavor and mouthfeel differ vastly among strains. Similar to wine, a user can learn to detect in a flower’s smoke diverse tasting notes like chocolate, citrus, and pine, in addition to savory, sour, or sweet flavors. It can be helpful to describe a toke using vintner terminology, such as “smooth,” “harsh,” or “full-bodied,” depending on a user’s palate and personal experience of the strain. 

Using sustainable, pesticide-free methods, Autumn Brands cultivates naturally potent strains in Santa Barbara’s idyllic coastal landscape, hand-cured and hand-trimmed to preserve their natural healing benefits. Experience the latest estate-grown releases, including the euphoric Blue Dream CBD and Sativa-dominant Orange Crush, now available at select Southern California dispensaries in a 7-pack pre-roll and in glass jars of hand-selected flower. Visit to locate the nearest participating seller and browse a full selection of premium flower, pre-rolls, and pre-filled cartridges. Follow on Instagram @AutumnBrands for the latest product releases and updates. 

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About Autumn Brands:

Autumn Brands is a licensed California cannabis cultivator dedicated to the synergy of health and wellness. The Autumn Brands’ family farm started in Holland more than a century ago, and today, sixth-generation farmers apply the same expertise garnered in growing the world’s finest tulips to producing pure and potent strains of cannabis in sunny, coastal Santa Barbara County. Autumn Brands is proud to be 50 percent woman-owned, united by the vision of two families, free of pesticides and other harmful chemicals. For more information, or email


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