March 31st, 2020



Overwhelmed by the abundance of information about Covid-19? Not sure who to trust or how to find answers to questions truly important to you?  Check out the Covid-19 Navigator, a simple to use dashboard that draws from trusted sources to deliver straight talk about what you need to manage the impact of Covid-19 on your daily life.  It’s available for mobile and desktop at
The Dashboard features five buttons that lead to a deeper dive on facts about Covid-19, getting what you need, staying inside, staying safe and what happens next.  Relieve anxiety caused by too much information with the touch of a button.
For example, the “Getting What I Need” button covers advice on grocery shopping, ordering from restaurants, home deliveries, prescriptions and seeing the doctor for non-urgent needs.  Answers are short and to the point.  No need to wade through lots of information to find what you’re looking for.Hit the grocery shopping button and it will let you know that while there is no evidence that Covid-19 can be transmitted by food, if someone else has touched the item before you, that could be an issue.  So wherever you buy your groceries, be sure to wash food containers and produce.
The ordering from restaurants button says that ordering cooked meals from local restaurants is relatively safe and provides practical advice like checking to see if the restaurant is open and whether the delivery service has waived fees.The Navigator will be regularly updated to keep up with new questions presented by Covid-19 in the weeks ahead.  So stay tuned and check the navigator regularly.
The Covid-19 Navigator is from the folks at Wondros, a creative solutions company founded by Jesse Dylan to solve complex problems. As Jesse puts it, “We did it because Wondros is about serving people.  Creating a simple user interface to ease access to information people can truly use and trust is a natural for us.”
Among the sources curated to answer Navigator questions are the CDC, WHO, NIH, CNN, Consumer Reports, Los Angeles Times and USA Today among others.

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