October 21st, 2021

// Simple, Effective Ways to Boost Your Mood and Make It A Great Day

Simple, Effective Ways to Boost Your Mood and Make It A Great Day

TORONTO/NEW YORK, Oct. 21, 2021  The self-help shelves are brimming with advice about what we’re "supposed to do" to feel better, think better, live better — you name it. But seismic shifts can be overwhelming. Do we really need to climb a mountain to live purposefully and be genuinely happy? 

“I am going to share with you a few small ideas that you can use that will make you feel awesome, so that the next time you're looking for ways to improve your day or mood, you'll be able to do just that,” said author Jarrett Robertson. 

In his motivational, upbeat book, Make It A Great Day: How To Feel Awesome So That You Can Help Others, the former Hockey pro turned consultant explores the “why” behind the things we can do each and every day to cultivate positive energy and use it to impact those around us. Between the covers of Make It A Great Day, you’ll find practical information and strategies you can act on immediately, including:

• Small changes you can make every day that can lead to big results

• How our moods create chemical reactions in the brain

• Factors that can sap or fuel our positivity

• Your instinctive need for significance, growth, contribution and more

• How to improve your Emotional Intelligence and why it’s more important than IQ

• Ways to develop your self-awareness, empathy, social skills and so much more

“Like anything in life, you can research more, dig deeper, go further, climb higher,” Robertson added. “But what I have learned is that it’s the littlest things that we can do every day that will actually help us take control so that we can give back, help others and make it a great day!”

About the Author

Jarrett Robertson is a former pro hockey player and physique competitor who continues to draw upon everything he learned about overall health and wellbeing to inform his approach to life. The Brown University graduate has been a financial adviser for more than a decade and continues to run his firm in Toronto, Ontario. He is also a consultant at Canada Life. With Make It A Great Day, he brings his message to the masses, helping more people achieve greater success through mastering their own human potential. Robertson strives every day to project positivity and aims to help motivate others to do the same by reminding us that, “Life is not too short, but life is extremely valuable. Make it a great day!”

For more information, please visit www.makeitagreatday.ca, or follow the author on Instagram at @_makeitagreatday.

Make It A Great Day: How To Feel Awesome So That You Can Help Others 
Publisher: 10-10-10 Publishing

ISBN-10: ‎ 1772774081 

ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1772774085 

Available from Amazon.com and https://www.makeitagreatday.ca/



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