November 18th, 2020

// Simplicity of Non-Religious, Non-Discriminatory Spirituality

Simplicity of Non-Religious, Non-Discriminatory Spirituality

Houston, TX, November 18, 2020 — Spirituality is distinct from religion and does not discriminate. It cannot! says Ravi Kathuria.

To some, the term ‘spirituality’ sounds mystical or complex, Ravi says. “It’s my mission to share with the world, spirituality is stunningly simple and as natural as sleeping.” 

It’s also wholly inclusive and accessible to everyone regardless of caste, creed, religious beliefs, age, status, gender or sexual identity. No judgments. No preconditions, he adds.

By quieting our minds — by tapping into the spirituality that is inextricably woven into our DNA — we have the ability within ourselves to experience profound bliss, explains Ravi Kathuria. 

Learn to quiet your mind is the simple message the ancient Indian sages gave mankind,” he says. “Their message was not religious. It was a scientific discovery about human nature that can raise the quality and experience of life.”

Ravi demystifies spirituality and distinguishes it from religion in his thought-provoking book, Happy Soul. Hungry Mind.: A Modern-Day Parable About Spirituality.

Not a “pedantic” book about archaic dogmas, Happy Soul. Hungry Mind. is an emotional and humorous, easy-to-read parable that shares a series of conversations between two old friends who enjoy spirited discussions about the human journey and life’s challenges. 

This format allows Ravi to organically capture the pressures of modern life and reveal techniques for calming the mind. He weaves in Spiritual Truths that boggle the mind and demonstrates how spirituality and modern living can synergistically and practically coexist. It may be the remedy we need in this world of stress and anxiety.

Ravi answers questions people have pondered for ages. “I share a definition of God that can  change the course of human history,” states Ravi. “It can make the world more peaceful.” 

Written for the modern reader, Happy Soul. Hungry Mind. is free from religious doctrines and makes spirituality accessible to the world’s 7 billion inhabitants. Spirituality benefits the religious and the atheists equally. You do not have to change your beliefs to benefit from spirituality, says Ravi. 

“This is not our grandfather’s religious spirituality,” Ravi adds. “This is modern, practical — and simple spirituality! It is time to awaken the world as it yearns for true spirituality.”

Author Ravi Kathuria has been drawn to spirituality ever since he was young. A business thought leader, management consultant and executive coach, he has been quoted by the likes of the Wall Street Journal, NPR and the PBS Nightly Business Report. 

His first book, How Cohesive is your Company? presented a holistic, cohesive management method that received great praise from top executives and business professors.

In his second book, Happy Soul. Hungry Mind., Ravi uses his analytical and intuitive skills to solve the complexity and confusion of spirituality. Happy Soul. Hungry Mind. is a work of spiritual genius. Ravi lives in Sugar Land, a suburb of Houston, Texas.

For more information, visit, or connect with the author on Facebook: @HappySoulHungryMind; Instagram: happysoul.hungrymind; Twitter: @HappySoulHungry; and YouTube: Happy Soul. Hungry Mind.

Happy Soul. Hungry Mind.: A Modern-Day Parable About Spirituality

Publisher: Seema Corp

ISBN-10: 0982147554 

ISBN-13: 978-0982147559                     

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