November 15th, 2020




Located on 200 acres, SKYMINT Farms™ aspires to become Michigan’s largest purveyor of regeneratively and sustainably cultivated, sungrown cannabis; its launch supports Forgotten Harvest, Metro Detroit’s only food rescue organization

DIMONDALE, MICH., November 12, 2020 — SKYMINT Brands™, Michigan’s largest vertically integrated cannabis company, today announced its establishment of SKYMINT Farms™, a 200-acre sungrown cannabis farm nestled in the Huron-Manistee National Forest and focused on the values of regenerative farming, sustainable agriculture, premium cannabis cultivation, and community enrichment.  

“Michigan is known for its 3,000 acres of wine grape vineyards and nearly 10 million acres of farmland that give our state a dynamic food and agriculture industry. With SKYMINT Farms, we are on a mission to additionally put Michigan on the map for cultivating some of our nation’s best sungrown cannabis,” says SKYMINT Brands’ CEO and co-founder Jeff Radway. 

Joining SKYMINT Brands’ two state-of-the-art, sustainable cultivation facilities, SKYMINT Farms aims to receive Sun+Earth status within the next two years. The coveted seal certifies cannabis brands that farm using beyond organic methods, holistically, responsibly, and regeneratively for the well-being of all people, farmers, and the planet. 

SKYMINT Farms ensures that its cannabis is grown using the sun as the primary source of power, rain water as the primary source of irrigation as well as crop rotation, intercropping, and cover crops to create a nutrient-rich living soil. Within the next two years, SKYMINT Farms will additionally include grazing animals to make the farm truly biodynamic.

“Elon Musk once said in a TED Talk, ‘We have this handy fusion reactor in the sky called the sun. You don’t have to do anything. It just works,” says James Barr, SKYMINT Farms’ Head of Operations. “Even the best indoor grow lighting can’t compare to the natural light spectrum. Cannabis loves the sun and expresses itself very differently when farmed outdoors. Cannabinoid and terpene production is greater, and the plant is more resilient.” 

SKYMINT Farms reflects the three pillars that inspire the work at SKYMINT Brands: To elevate the production of cannabis; to cultivate a stellar collection of premium brands; and to leverage its resources and position within the industry to change our world and communities for the better. Not only does SKYMINT Farms aspire to do right by the land and the environment but it also aspires to do right by Michiganders by cultivating community. Its cultivation site is in Lake County, one of the poorest counties in Michigan, and SKYMINT Farms provides nearly 30 year-round farm jobs on its beautiful rural oasis. 

Adds Radway, “Community is at the core of our company ethos. At SKYMINT, we wholeheartedly believe that cannabis has a meaningful role to play in bettering people’s lives, hence our motto that happy plants make happy people. But foundational to the pursuit of happiness is food security, and in Detroit, 1 in 6 remain hungry. There’s no better way to nurture and grow community than to literally help feed it, which is why we’re proud to partner SKYMINT Farms with Forgotten Harvest this holiday season.”  

To immediately address the food deserts surrounding Metro Detroit, SKYMINT Farms has joined forces with Forgotten Harvest, a food rescue organization that distributes 45 million pounds of food to Detroiters each year. SKYMINT FARMS will sponsor Forgotten Harvest’s annual Hope for the Holidays event to provide holiday meal boxes to 2,000 Michigan families — some 6,000 individuals — over the course of just three days in December.  

Since its inception in 2018 — originally under the name Green Peak Innovations — SKYMINT BRANDS has dedicated itself to creating and curating premium-crafted cannabis brands, hand-grown to perfection and available to Michigan adult-use consumers at 11 SKYMINT retail locations throughout the state. Its growing brand portfolio includes flower, pre-rolls, edibles, beverages, and concentrates, with SKYMINT Farms sungrown flower slated to power up to 50% of SKYMINT Brands products over the next 10 years. 

SKYMINT X DNA GENETICS™ is the newest imprint under the SKYMINT Brands umbrella, joining SKYMINT™, North Cannabis™, Jolly Edibles™, and the socially responsible Two Joints™ label which supports the critical efforts of Last Prisoner Project.



Beginning operations in Fall 2018, Skymint (formerly known as Green Peak Innovations) is Michigan's leading vertically integrated cannabis company and the state's largest medical and recreational license holder. With two state-of-the-art indoor grow facilities, the company cultivates, processes, markets, distributes and sells a full range of branded cannabis products, including SKYMINT™, North Cannabis™, Jolly Edibles™, the Two Joints™ brand, which benefits the Last Prisoner Project, and SKYMINT X DNA GENETICS.™  Just as SKYMINT treats its plants like people - tending to and caring for them by hand, and even playing them music - each and every product is handcrafted to ensure the safest, cleanest, highest quality products at the best value. SKYMINT™ products can be found at the company's SKYMINT™ provisioning centers and via retailers around Michigan through a robust wholesale network. As purveyors of premium-crafted cannabis, SKYMINT™ has developed a portfolio of the finest cannabis brands available for daily wellness, healing, or just getting high on life. SKYMINT™ inspires people everywhere to feel better, live better and do better.


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