August 10th, 2017

// SMD Cosmetics night cream unlocks power of ancient herbs, enhances natural effects of “beauty sleep”

SMD Cosmetics night cream unlocks power of ancient herbs, enhances natural effects of “beauty sleep” –

Finally a Night Cream that will Brighten Your Day


SAN FRANCISCO, California – (August 10, 2017): Following the tremendous success of their celebrity-coveted Inhyunjin collection, award-winning skin care company SMD Cosmetics’ breakthrough night cream enhances the body’s own natural processes to restore beauty and reverse signs of aging. The first of its kind, the Inhyunjin Cream Intensive Night Repair harnesses the herbal medicinal benefits of over 30 patented ingredients; 6 of which have been processed 9 times over 50 days for a uniquely potent formula that absorbs easily, and works exactly when skin needs it most…at night.

While you sleep, skin enters recovery mode. Body temperature lowers, making the skin more permeable, and natural hormones go to work boosting collagen production, detoxifying and reconstructing cells, and counteracting damage from UV rays, pollution, and free radicals. Scientifically formulated to penetrate deep into cells and restore radiance, Inhyunjin Cream Night Intensive Repair has unique and powerful active ingredients that boost the recovery and renewal process while maintaining skin’s essential moisture to prevent signs of aging.

Packed with amino acids that protect skin from damage and improve cell reconstruction, SMD’s patented night cream contains herbal to medicinal anti-inflammatory tannins to reduce redness and irritation, while strengthening capillaries to improve skin texture and tone. Upon waking, skin is healthier, firmer, and silky smooth. For best results, use with complete Inhyunjin skin care ritual, massaging cream on face and neck in an upward and outward motion following Inhyunjin Emulsion. A little goes a long way with this powerful formula, and one jar can last up to 6-8 months with nightly use. Visit to learn more about the Inhyunjin collection, and to purchase Inhyunjin Cream Intensive Night Repair.

About SMD Cosmetics:

SMD Cosmetics offers a premium line of award-winning, natural skincare products from South Korea. Founded over 20 years ago, SMD Cosmetics has perfected their patented formulas by using the most advanced natural skincare technology in combination with Asian herbal medicinal wisdom that is truly authentic. SMD Cosmetics is one of Korea’s most prestigious, top-selling skin care lines formulated by a team of researchers and chemists to revive, replenish and rejuvenate your skin using the power of nature and innovative technology. For more information, visit the site at:



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