July 3rd, 2013

// @snooki Lost 42 Pounds

Congrats to Snooki. She did an amazing transformation and she worked her butt off to do it. Yes it takes time and she did it gradually. Way to go girl! Check out her cover:


Okay, more than a few pounds. Waaay more than a few, actually: The four-foot-nine Jersey Shore personality and new mother shed 42 pounds in six months, and as she told Mehmet Oz, MD, yesterday on The Dr. Oz Show, she did it without starving herself or resorting to any other unhealthy tricks.

She just wants to be a good role model for Lorenzo, her seven-month-old baby, Snooki told Dr. Oz. Hey, she’s already a good role model for all of us who need to clean up a little, whether we’ve been acting out on TV or spending too much time in a seated position watching other people act out on TV. So here are Snooki’s rules for losing weight. The shorthand version: Don’t be like Snooki.

Anti-Snooki Rule #1: Be sensible. It was the first question Dr. Oz asked: How did you lose the weight? “You don't do anything crazy,” Snooki told him. “You just go to the gym. You work out.” She wasn't kidding about that: She goes to the gym five days a week or more. And no half-asleep trudging on a Stairmaster for her, either. Trainer Anthony Michael makes sure she keeps her heart rate up (she wears a monitor) and her core muscles working, with exercises like squats, plank jacks, mountain climbers and stars. She also eats right: lean protein and fruit and vegetables, and plenty of it. She sticks to 1300 calories a day, but with foods like those she can eat whenever she gets hungry. “I worked very hard to lose that weight,” Snooki told Dr. Oz. Sensible!

Anti-Snooki Rule #2: Be patient. Snooki lost a lot of weight fast, but she struggled for the first few weeks when she was doing everything right for no visible reward. “I went to the gym for probably, like, a month and a half and I didn't see any results,” she said. “I’m, like, what the hell’s going on here?” She kept at it, though, and soon enough the weight started to come off and the muscles started to show. Because that’s Snooki: She’s goal-oriented, deals well with frustration, and perseveres. Right? Well, that’s the new Snooki. The anti-Snooki.

Anti-Snooki Rule #3: Be centered. Snooki wanted to make a major change in her life and her body, but not because she hated herself. She was motivated by wanting to be a good role model for baby Lorenzo, and by wanting to be able to keep up with him when he starts to get mobile. “And also I want to look good,” she said (which she does). “I don't want to be skinny—I want to be strong.” Snooki’s bottom line for all of us trying to get from where we are to where we want to be: “You should feel great about yourself, because you're an awesome person.” Then she took a sip of a cocktail Dr. Oz mixed for her: grapefruit, lime juice, and tequila, in a portion-controlled 125-calorie cup. Snooki, here’s to you!

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