January 29th, 2020



Neuroscience Expert Shares Insight to this Unique Approach to Wellness By now you've probably heard of ASMR, (auto sensory meridian response) the massively growing trend that's all the rage on social media. In case you haven't, it's the sound-oriented videos of people doing various noise-making activities like whispering, nail tapping, food eating, and more. People around the world are bonding over the unexpected euphoric sensation they get from hearing certain noises. But can sound do more for us than just give us tingles?According to Neuroscience expert Dr. Patrick Porter, it certainly can and "sound healing" is a new wellness trend that brings ASMR to the next level. Sound Healing is an ancient practice that has been used to improve mental, physical, and emotional health. There are different types of sound healing including vibrational therapy, a method that uses vibrations from gongs and tuning forks to relax the mind and body. One of the most popular methods today is binaural beats, also known as brainwave entrainment or braintapping. This method uses auditory stimulation to synchronize and balance brainwaves so they align to the frequency of the beat. "Sound Healing isn't new, it's been used for centuries to help restore balance to the body. It can improve many facets of life, including emotional development, cognitive and functioning. It's also known to reduce stress and bolster the immune system..."..says Dr. Porter, who has devoted his career to researching the effects of sound and brainwave entrainment.  Sound healers say the healing effects occur because the body relaxes and blood pressure is lowered, which improves circulation and respiratory rates. It stabilizes the limbic system which is involved in motivation, emotion, learning, and memory.  The body is calmed, breathing becomes rhythmic, and the muscles relax. Though more research is needed, sound healing has been used to treat symptoms of a number of conditions, including anxiety, depression, insomnia, PTSD, dementia, autism and learning difficulties, behavioral and psychiatric disorders, and more. Given the fascination people have with ASMR, it's understandable why they are now turning to sound healing. Digital medicine in the form of sound healing is quickly becoming a go-to solution for enriching patient care. As more research results are published, sound therapy will become an essential part of healing protocols. With its ability to calm and relax, sound therapy helps the body stay stress-free so it can heal at an appropriate rate.Dr. Porter is sharing insight into the ASMR and Sound Healing trend. He has tips and actionable advice on how people can use sound to improve mental, physical, and emotional wellness in 2020. TALKING POINTS (FOR INTERVIEWS & ARTICLES):Sound Healing 101 - What It Is & How It WorksFascinating Science Behind ASMR 5 Ways Sound Can Improve Mental, Physical, & Emotional HealthTry-at-Home Wellness Tips Using SoundHow to Biohack the Brain for a Happier Healthier Year ABOUT DR. PATRICK PORTER:Dr. Patrick K. Porter, Ph.D., is an award-winning author and speaker who has devoted his career to neuroscience and brainwave entrainment. As the creator of BrainTap®, Porter has emerged as a leader in the digital health and wellness field. BrainTap’s digital tools and mind development apps use Creative Visualization and Relaxation, a biohacking technique that has made tremendous advances in helping mental, physical, and emotional health issues. BrainTap has been praised for helping people relieve symptoms associated with stress, insomnia, pain, and much more.  FOR MORE INFORMATION, VISIT: www.braintap.com


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