October 25th, 2018

// SPIBeams



The SPIbeams line features both USB rechargeable and battery-powered accessories that last up to 100,000+ hours. These products include LED rings (MSRP $5), shoe laces (MSRP $20), shoe spurs (MSRP $30/pair), running hats and visors (MSRP $30), gloves (MSRP $40), and arm and leg bands (MSRP $30/each or MSRP$60/pair).  Designed specifically to keep runners and other exercisers safe when out at night, SPIbeams emit bright LED light, providing instant high-visibility for up to 1,4000 feet (one quarter mile) from the front, side or back. Comfortable, lightweight and weatherproof, they can be worn for all types of activities and in all conditions. With SPIbeams runners can log miles from dusk until dawn, feeling confident in their safety.


The SPIbelt® is made for that active friend who lives for a good gym selfie. The bounce-free and rise resistant qualities make sprinting, squatting, jumping and biking comfortable while carrying personal items. There’s no need for them to stuff their ID in their bra or leave the keys in the mailbox before a run anymore. SPIbelt® makes room for all of your essentials and even has styles with a headphone port to make listening to music while exercising easy too.


Suggested Styles:

Original SPIbelt®- $19.99 https://spibelt.com/shop/category/spibelt/

SPIbelt® Flex - $24.99 https://spibelt.com/shop/spibelt/spibelt-flex/

GLIDE - $29.99 https://spibelt.com/shop/spibelt/the-glide-by-spibelt/



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