March 19th, 2020

// Starting an Exercise Routine After an Absence? Here are 5 Tips for Getting Started

Starting an Exercise Routine After an Absence? Here are 5 Tips for Getting Started

Staying fit often contributes to good health and longevity as well as a general sense of wellbeing. People with a consistent exercise routine typically enjoy the greatest benefits. Stopping exercise for reasons like illness or travel can get you off track with your workout schedule. If you have missed more than a few days of exercise, here are a few tips to consider.

Ease into It

After not exercising for several days or weeks, your body may not be ready to resume your regular routine. Start with a reduced amount of exercise and perhaps fewer exercises while increasing your activity a little more with each session until you get back to where you were before. Resuming your routine full-throttle could cause problems or possible injuries.

Take Time to Readjust

In addition to the amount of exercise you begin doing again, you may want to space more time between sessions to give yourself plenty of time to get used to renewed physical exertion. Your muscles, joints, tendons, and bones require time to get accustomed to your former exercise schedule. Don’t rush it and run the risk of injury or a setback due to pain and discomfort.

Consult a Trainer

To ensure that you don’t overdo it, it may be helpful to consult a fitness training expert. The trainer can advise you how to restart your exercise program and offer warmup exercises to help condition your body for increased physical activity. You could schedule a consultation or work with a trainer for a few weeks until you are able to fully resume your exercise plan.

Include Rest and Recovery Breaks

Although you might be eager to get back on a regular exercise program, take adequate rest breaks to let your body recover and respond. Pushing yourself too hard may lead to problems, including overuse of certain muscles or general fatigue. Depending on how long you didn’t exercise, you will need a corresponding amount of time to get back to your exercise routine.

Pause if Symptoms Develop

Although mild muscle soreness may be noticed when you return to exercising, moderate to severe pain indicates a problem. Stop exercising and call your doctor for advice. You may need to exercise less for a period of time or be evaluated by your physician for possible strains or injuries.

Exercise plays a valuable role in maintaining good health. When returning to exercise after missing out for a time, use caution to ensure a smooth transition to your workout routine.


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