June 25th, 2019

// STATEMENT – OMA Welcomes Premier’s Council Recommendations to Improve Health Care and End Hallway Medicine

STATEMENT - OMA Welcomes Premier's Council Recommendations to Improve Health Care and End Hallway Medicine

TORONTO, June 25, 2019 /CNW/ - The Ontario Medical Association (OMA) is committed to addressing hallway medicine and is encouraged by the recommendations in today's report from the Premier's Council on Improving Healthcare and Ending Hallway Medicine.

Ontario's doctors fundamentally believe that patients should be at the centre of the health care system in Ontario. This report supports that view. 

"We are pleased with the Council's recommendations to offer more virtual care, incorporate digital solutions and ensure clinicians help lead the new Ontario Health Teams (OHTs)," said OMA President, Dr. Sohail Gandhi.  "Physicians are critical to the successful integration of health care services and are best positioned to take on a leadership role in the process of establishing OHTs. Experience around the world proves that physicians are crucial in health care transformation and that physician-led systems that focus on integrated care deliver better quality at lower cost." 

Equally important is the focus on the Quadruple Aim which is an internationally-recognized framework that designs and delivers an effective health care system. An effective health care system is one that balances three components (improved patient experience, better health outcomes and lowered costs) with a fourth pillar of improving the experience of physicians and other health care providers. This aligns with work the OMA has been doing on physician burnout and could significantly improve both our health care system and the health of doctors.

The OMA continues to be a partner with the government on the following: 

  • Ensuring physician leadership in new Ontario Health Teams and support of strong, meaningful partnerships with the primary care sector. 
  • Caring for our health care system and providers by implementing the Quadruple Aim. 
  • The importance of emerging technology in medicine including improved patient record keeping and sharing of data. 
  • Investments to community-based mental health. 
  • Commitments to revise the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA).

The priority of Ontario's doctors is the health and well-being of every resident in the province. The OMA welcomes the opportunity to work with the government of Ontario to effectively deliver the health care services Ontarians need. Additional background on the OMA's priorities and positions can be found here: Ontario's Doctors Welcome Premier's Council Report on Ending Hallway Health Care

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The Ontario Medical Association is a membership organization that represents the political, clinical and economic interests of doctors in Ontario. Our 41,000 members are practicing and retired doctors, residents and medical students.

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