May 18th, 2020

// SteadyMD Collaborates with CareDash to Match Doctors with People Nationwide for Online Care

SteadyMD Collaborates with CareDash to Match Doctors with People Nationwide for Online Care 

Now people in all 50 states can access telemedicine with a personal SteadyMD doctor online via video chat, text or phone.

ST. LOUIS, MO and CAMBRIDGE, MA—May 19, 2020—Delivering telemedicine technology and services by matching doctors and patients across the nation, SteadyMD today announced a new partnership with CareDash. The collaboration will further simplify the way people can engage with doctors online to build a long-term health care relationship, via video chat, text or phone.  Now with CareDash and SteadyMD,  people can find, compare and review personal online doctors at their fingertips.

"Many people in cities and rural or remote locations are asking about telehealth–what it is and how to find the right online doctor," said Lindsey Johnson, SteadyMD director of partnerships. “SteadyMD and CareDash provide options for online doctors from anywhere across the nation—not just those in local zip codes—who best align with the patient’s medical concerns, lifestyle and healthcare values. People are turning to telemedicine from SteadyMD to build a long-term relationship with a doctor who knows them, understands them and supports them to become the best version of themselves over time.”

Telemedicine Visits on Track to Top One Billion Visits by the End of 2020

According to Arielle Trzcinski, a senior analyst at Forrester Research, the adoption and use of telemedicine has greatly increased since March with telemedicine visits on track to top one billion by the end of 2020. That represents a massive expansion from telemedicine usage before the coronavirus pandemic.

“There were three barriers that impacted the lack of adoption, or the slowness of adoption [of telemedicine], before the pandemic hit. We saw cost ... availability ... and then we also saw relationships playing a factor,” said Arielle Trzcinski, as quoted in CNBC’s article, “Telehealth visits are booming as doctors and patients embrace distancing amid the coronavirus crisis.” 

Adoption has soared for SteadyMD amid the pandemic. The company is on a mission to make high-quality, high attention concierge-like healthcare available and affordable to millions of Americans with board-certified doctors. Consumers can now rely on CareDash’s information, ratings and reviews to research providers in order to select physicians, including telehealth care providers from SteadyMD.  CareDash allows direct access to patient experience information, including a breakdown of the 10 key areas patients care most about, such as the thoroughness of the provider's exam, their ability to answer questions, the clarity of instructions, and the provider's attitude and bedside manner, to name a few. 

"Patients are looking for trust and transparency when it comes to their healthcare, especially as they evaluate the rapidly expanding set of telemedicine options available to them," said Niklas Kubasek, senior vice president of partnerships at CareDash. "SteadyMD offers a unique approach to providing a virtual primary care experience where patients can build an ongoing and lasting relationship with their physician. We're excited to make this another reason why millions of patients are using CareDash each month to find the right healthcare provider."


CareDash Media Contact: Tiffany Tang, 320-4011

CareDash Partnership Contact: Niklas Kubasek, (781) 285-7436

SteadyMD Partner Development Contact: Lindsey Johnson,

SteadyMD Media Contact: Heidi Wieland,, (805) 722-7413 

About SteadyMD 

On a mission to provide personal online doctors to people everywhere, SteadyMD is a technology company and telehealth provider.  Board-certified doctors practice Primary Care, Functional Medicine and Pediatrics in all 50 U.S. States. 

SteadyMD partners with leaders in healthcare across industry and with government agencies to connect people to high-quality telehealth from the convenience and safety of their homes or from any location via video chat, text or phone.

For more information about partnerships, contact Lindsey Johnson:

Founded by Guy Friedman, CEO, and Yarone Goren, COO, SteadyMD is headquartered in St. Louis, MO with a satellite campus in Los Angeles. For more information or to become a SteadyMD member, please visit

About CareDash 

Headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, CareDash is a healthcare search engine used by more than 2 million patients every month in the U.S. CareDash is committed to making it easy to find accessible information that helps patients make the right decision about their provider of care, including doctors, dentists, therapists, and hospitals. 

CareDash works with hospitals, specialty groups, telemedicine platforms, and healthcare agencies to drive new patient engagement. For information about partnerships, contact Niklas Kubasek. 

For more information on CareDash, visit or follow on Twitter @CareDash. 


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