March 1st, 2022

// Stealth Sports Partners with Zybek Sports, a trusted NFL-combine operator, and Route Analytics, to Launch Football Combines, dedicated to providing NFL-Caliber Testing Integrated with the Only AI-Driven NCAA D1 Approved Platform to High School and Middle School Athletes

Stealth Sports Partners with Zybek Sports, a trusted NFL-combine operator, and Route Analytics, to Launch Football Combines, dedicated to providing NFL-Caliber Testing Integrated with the Only AI-Driven NCAA D1 Approved Platform to High School and Middle School Athletes

Talented team includes industry veterans and strategists who join forces to provide an all-encompassing, holistic approach that provides student-athletes with tools that can educate and enable success on their journey to the next level.

AUSTIN (February 25, 2022) -- Stealth Sports is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit that creates opportunities for young people to grow and learn athletically and academically through sports events, 7on7, and youth mentoring programs. The group kicks off their Stealth Sports Combine Series of six events scheduled to take place 4 states (TX, NC, IN, PA), starting in March of 2022. Registration is now open – please click here to view the official combine series announcement and schedule.

At the end of each combine, Stealth Sports will be announcing the top athletes at each camp/city geography based on Zybek Sports’ industry-leading combine measurement, the SAT® (Standardized Athlete Test). Results will be posted online for bragging rights to the area’s best performing athletes. 

“Student-athletes who show a tendency to perform at a high level deserve access to the same tools that are used to measure amateur and elite professional athletes. Stealth Sports exists to provide experiences that help bring out their best performance and help provide feedback and possibly open doors.” Says Stealth Sports Co-Founder and Executive Director Dr. Ernest Cutler. 

“We want to help bring the incredibly trusted combine measurement capabilities and operations of Zybek Sports, coupled with Route Analytics AI-driven platform for student-athletes and college coaches, to athletes around the country. There’s power and validity in athletes getting something tangible from a combine other than just times, and we think this partnership provides real value to young athletes. Yes, they show up and get tested by technology, but they also get a detailed report that helps them really understand how they compare to athletes their age and higher, what they need to do in order to progress, and where opportunities lie for performance optimization. This, coupled with a direct connection via Route Analytics’ platform to collegiate coaches, these athletes have verified data accepted at the highest level of worldwide sports organizations” added Rocky Brown, another Co-Founder and Executive Director. 

What Stealth Sports combines provide and what sets them apart from the competition  

●     Each player is provided with a free Route Analytics profile before the combine

●     Players are tested and measured using Zybek Sports NFL-Combine trusted technology in the 40, 5-10-5, L-Drill, Vertical, and broad jump.

●     Athletes receive their Standardized Athlete Test (SAT®) report containing their combine scores, comparisons and suggested yearly performance targets.

●     Results are automatically uploaded to their profile on the Route Analytics platform for review by NCAA coaches

●     Athletes can always attend other events and instantly have updated combine data tied to their profiles as they progress through high school

About the Stealth Sports Team

Dr. Ernest Cutler

Dr. Ernest E. Cutler Jr. has been involved within all aspects of football for over 28 years. His background covers leading over 300+ student athletes in national camp settings since 2016. He currently is an Executive Director of Stealth Sports, Co-owner of Pressure Sports Group, Camp Director for US SPORTS CAMPS/NIKE, and the Co-Founder of the South Texas Elite Football Academy. Dr. Cutler served 20 years within the US Navy as a Chief Petty Officer.  

Rocky Brown

Rocky Brown serves as an Executive Director for Stealth Sports. With a 20+ year career in marketing, business and IT (and currently with IBM as a Global Digital Strategist), he helps drive the mission of Stealth Sports. He has served as a US SPORTS CAMP/Nike director, has coached at the youth level in football and baseball, and is a perpetual mentor to young athletes. 

Eddie Welling

Eddie Welling, Executive Director, has been involved in baseball operations at the collegiate and professional level for over 22 years.  Having been on the field for most of his career as a college and professional baseball coach, he recently made the switch to the business side of multiple sports. For the last few seasons, he has spent time as a performance and strategy consultant with various MLB teams, most recently with the Padres, providing direct feedback to players, coaches and front office staff alike on how best to apply analytics to performance and team business decisions. 

Jason Belser

Jason Belser is an NFL Veteran having played 11 seasons for the Indianapolis Colts & Kansas City Chiefs. He was a finalist for the Walter Payton NFL Man of The Year. He spent 11 years in the NFLPA serving players in his Role as the Sr. Director of Player Affairs.  He was a USA Football Board Member during his time with the NFLPA and worked on numerous Competition & Health and Safety initiatives. Jason serves as the trusted Senior Advisor to the Stealth Sports Board of Directors.

Dee Jenkins

Dee Jenkins, Vice President of Player Development Division, brings years of football experience at the youth through high school levels as a coach, recruiting coordinator and scout. Dee is the former Southwest Region Player Development Director for All-American Games, LLC and assisted with the recruitment of athletes for the US Army All-American Bowl and All-American Bowl on NBC for Texas and Louisiana territories as well as the tournament director for Texas bracket of the subsidiary brand, FBU National Championship, for a period of eight years.  He also has served over 20 years in the United States Army and continues to do so to date and utilizes his experiences through this and football to help guide athletes in a positive direction. 

About Zybek Sports

Zybek Sports was founded in Boulder, Colorado in 2008. Since its inception into the sports performance market, Zybek has secured its place among the elite providers of talent identification and performance analysis equipment. To accomplish the goal of standardized athletic testing (SAT), everyone must be taking the same test and have it administered and graded the same way by a disinterested third party. In the world of athletic testing this means that all athletes will take the same core tests, measured on the same equipment, given by a person who is not their parent, coach or personally connected to them in any way. Since 2011, Zybek Sports has provided the only fully automated timing system used at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis. Learn more at

About Route Analytics

ROUTE Analytics is the fastest growing and only real-time, AI-powered end-to-end, recruiting, and scouting platform approved for use by the NCAA. As a leader in data science and advanced analytics, ROUTE helps high school football players choose the best path to play college football. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, the ROUTE College Football Recruit web and mobile app provides student-athletes their best-fit probability by college division, school, and position along with program insights via a powerful set of product tools for research and analysis. For college institutions and university clients, the patent pending ROUTE decision-support platform assists football programs with identifying best-fit student-athletes using its proprietary algorithms and predictive analytics to help evaluate more talent faster, quicker, and easier while building sustained recruiting success. Created by athletes, parents, and coaches – you can learn more about ROUTE Analytics at


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