September 27th, 2019

// StrainprintR Technologies Ltd. Launches the First Medical Cannabis Industry Report Based on the Largest Real-World Observational Patient Study

StrainprintR Technologies Ltd. Launches the First Medical Cannabis Industry Report Based on the Largest Real-World Observational Patient Study 

Technology Leader Releases Groundbreaking Research Report Providing Unique Insight From Over 800,000 Real-Time Canadian Medical Cannabis Patient Outcomes  


TORONTO (Sept. 26, 2019) - StrainprintR Technologies Ltd. (Strainprint), the leader in cannabis data and analytics, is proud to announce the release of The Canadian Medical Cannabis Experience:  A 2019 Patient Retrospective (the “Report”), the latest Strainprint research publication designed to support the entire cannabis industry with meaningful insights based on the technology leader’s unique and broad-based patient-led data. The Report features thorough analysis of more than 800,000 real-time anonymous patient outcomes reported during the period from January to December 2018.

“We hear time and time again about the need for comprehensive resources like our Patient Retrospective Report,” said Strainprint President, Dave Berg. “Medical cannabis hasn’t had decades of clinical trials to form guidelines on dosing, onset and efficiency and with over 450 chemical constituents in every strain, it is not like studying single molecules in traditional pharma.  So, real-world patient data is invaluable for medical professionals and industry stakeholders looking to make informed choices for their patients and businesses.”

Strainprint aggregates anonymous patient-reported data from its award-winning mobile journaling App and through surveys and validated questionnaires from its online Strainprint Community. Strainprint has been collecting this unique and proprietary data since 2016 and it grows more granular by the day. Today, it is the largest data set of its kind in the world with more than 1.4 million sessions and 70 million data points on strain efficacy. It is the only cannabis consumption data tracked in real time against more than 1,600 lab-verified products by batch.

“Tracking symptomatic improvement against chemical profile (ingredients) by batch is the only way for the industry to advance the scientific understanding of cannabis,” said Michelle Arbus, Strainprint VP of Research. “We are fortunate in Canada to have a federal program with very high lab testing requirements, consistent across the country, giving us the most standardardized products from which to study and the best chance at personalizing cannabis as a medicine.”

The 2019 Patient Retrospective Report is the cutting edge of cannabis research and a major milestone for the cannabis industry. The Report analyzes user variables such as age, gender, region, usage frequency and efficacy by symptom and is the first research set able to identify which terpenes are active in the cannabis products that are reported to have the highest efficacy by symptom. A few key findings from the Report include:

  • Muscle pain, anxiety, depression, joint pain and insomnia are the top five symptoms that patients treated with cannabis during the Report period;
  • There are clear gender differences for the preferred choice of cannabis administration and the most effective methods of can vary by region, gender and age;
  • Multiple cannabis species are reported to offer comparable relief for particular symptoms, supporting the hypothesis that it is more than the species or the THC:CBD content that determines efficacy of a strain;
  • Patients overwhelmingly report positive and or neutral emotive effects from their medical cannabis use with very few unfavorable side effects.  As well, the specific terpene profiles present in a strain can greatly impact the side effects; and
  • There was no significant change in how or when patients treated their various symptoms after cannabis was legalized recreationally in Canada.

While more study is certainly needed, Strainprint has raised the bar for cannabis industry research with the largest and most granular real-world observational patient study available. Strainprint Reports complement this data with actionable insights and are available for purchase at

About StrainprintR

Founded in Toronto in 2016, StrainprintR Technologies Ltd. is the leading demand-side cannabis data and analytics company. With the world's largest longitudinal, observational data-set of its kind and a mission to advance the scientific understanding of cannabis and its legitimization as a mainstream therapy, Strainprint helps medical cannabis patients and doctors to use cannabis in the most effective and responsible way possible. StrainprintR data platform supports global cannabis research and provides advanced business intelligence and treatment guidance to producers, retailers, medical practitioners, pharmacies, government and industry. Strainprint is HIPAA, PIPEDA and PHIPA privacy compliant, military-grade encrypted and all patient data is completely anonymized and at rest in Canada. Strainprint can be seamlessly embedded or integrated with most electronic medical records (EMR) and seed2sale software systems.  Strainprint Analytics is accessed by customer subscription. The Strainprint App is free to patients and can be downloaded from both the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. www.strainprint.cafacebook, twitter, linkedin.  Strainprint Reports are available for purchase at


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