July 16th, 2018

// Study: Brain Exercise Speeds Up Adults in Assisted Living

A new study shows that a particular kind of brain exercise improves performance at a key measure of cognition, even among people in their 80s in assisted living.  The university-led, independent study of residents in 31 senior living communities demonstrates that the cognitive slowing, which is a normal part of aging and which exacerbates age-related decline, can be reversed with a unique speed of processing exercise.

The expression that older people are “slowing down” is literally true of their brain processing speed, which drives all sorts of decline in cognitive abilities (attention, reaction time, memory, decision-making), as well as decline in-real world abilities (balance/gait, driving, maintaining the ability to live independently). Prior studies of older adults using this exercise have shown improvements across those measures, but this is the first such study in an older and more impaired senior living environment.

The exercise examined is found exclusively in the BrainHQ mobile and web apps.

A copy of a press release on the study appears below. You can also access the peer-reviewed study report (which just published in the prestigious Journal of the American Geriatrics Society), and screenshots and videos of the exercise at https://www.brainhq.com/presskit. We’d be happy to help arrange interviews with scientists involved in


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