February 20th, 2017

// Super Slim: New Book Exposes Fool-Proof Blueprint to Losing Weight – Without Dieting or Exercise!

Super Slim: New Book Exposes Fool-Proof Blueprint to Losing Weight – Without Dieting or Exercise!

Keith Foster’s ‘SUPER SLIM: The Intelligent Person's Guide to a Slimmer, Healthier & Longer Life’ unravels weight gain, obesity and weight loss in a simple, highly-actionable way that has never been seen before. Taking readers right back to humanity’s beginnings, Foster explains fat’s evolutionary benefits, advancing to the present day’s obesity epidemic and how to fight it without fail. From sunlight’s “secret” benefits to weight loss, all the way to providing high-alkaline food lists, this bold new volume has the power to change the lives of millions.


The prevalence of obesity today makes it abundantly clear that most people, through lack of information, are prone to mismanaging their bodies. According to lecturer and researcher Keith Foster, those who want to maintain a healthy weight and all of the benefits it brings must first understand what helps and hinders the body’s functions.

Based off a lifetime’s research, Foster’s ‘SUPER SLIM: The Intelligent Person's Guide to a Slimmer, Healthier & Longer Life’ explains why the body’s acidic and alkaline balances are not only important, but hold the key to beating obesity and living a long, vibrant life.



Super Slim is intended as a reference work for everyone who wishes to lose weight, be more healthy and live longer!

It covers a broad range of topics in some depth, all of which have a direct bearing on weight gain, obesity and ill health.  By describing the mechanism by which fatty deposits are distributed around the body, Super Slim enables people to clearly understand how to reverse this process.

Super Slim tracks human development from its early beginnings to show why we developed a layer of blubber, what evolutionary purpose this served and how it can be reduced.

It then goes on to describe the bloodstream’s priority, which is to maintain a degree of alkalinity in order to provide adequate levels of oxygen to the cells, (a process which, with the modern sugar-rich diet, necessitates a shunting of acidic toxins (fats) into “storage areas” around the body).  These are where fat accumulates, well away from the main circulatory system.  

Super Slim goes on to deal with food, providing lists and recommendations as to how you can alkalise your diet.  It then touches on a new form of exercise (ideal for the busy person) and a new fertility regime using which it is possible to choose the sex of your children. 

Further information is provided on male fertility, plus how to avoid fibrocystic breast disease and how to get rid of stretch marks.

Further yet, on how sunlight helps you to slim, lack of sleep can make you fat and a whole compendium of knowledge on similar vital subjects.  These help the reader to be in control of their weight and to become slimmer, more healthy and longer lived.  

Super Slim is not a scientific treatise, but simply a very informative book that will help a lot of people to lose weight healthily and keep it off.  


“Yoyo dieting is a huge killer, and a vicious circle that over 80% of people encounter,” explains Foster. “Lifelong weight loss is not about a quick-fix dietary change, but about understanding the body’s functions, how it reacts to alkaline foods and how everything comes together to ensure a person can reach their natural healthy weight and remain there for the rest of their life.”

Continuing, “It’s all about giving people the information they so desperately seek, and then empowering them to make actionable, tangible change. According to reviews, it’s working wonders already for people around the world.”


Reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. For example, Julie comments, “This well-referenced work is not a traditional ‘diet’ book with recipes and calorie counting, instead it is an invaluable resource to aid understanding of why it is important to be within a normal weight range and to learn key approaches that can be taken to achieve this.”

Another reader adds, “I got this book because no matter what approach I seemed to take in dieting, nothing seemed to be permanent, and despite some breakthroughs, I was struggling to maintain my weight-loss and would yoyo back and forth between an ideal and a far from ideal weight. Keith's book has helped me to understand the underlying causes of my yoyo weight gain, and the processes the body uses to adapt to a toxic system which then keeps me 'insulated'. With a greater understanding I know feel I am empowered to finally, once and for all, drop those extra pounds for good.”


‘SUPER SLIM: The Intelligent Person's Guide to a Slimmer, Healthier & Longer Life’, from SAGAX Publishing, is available now: http://amzn.to/2kHijcD.


About the Author:

Keith Foster is a researcher, writer and lecturer. He has spent most of his life focusing on unlocking the structure and technology of the ancient worldwide civilization, and also its healing technologies. The past 30 years have seen Keith involved in studying how our current civilization informs its belief systems, with particular emphasis on its current religion – science.

A natural philosopher, Keith's studies have included a wide range of cultures. His latest book The Answer to Cancer – An Electron Deficit Condition, coupled with the follow-up seminars, represents a synergism of these studies.

At 75 years of age and as the father of 7 children, Keith is a fine and vigorous example of how well his understanding of the human condition translates into healthy longevity.

A charismatic speaker whose gift is to make complex subjects simple and easy to understand, Keith’s wisdom, sense of humour and integrity are infectious.
Keith hosts lectures and speaks at seminars all over the world.


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