August 3rd, 2021

// Surprising Health Benefits of Hot Tubs

Surprising Health Benefits of Hot Tubs

There's nothing quite so relaxing as a dip in the hot tub after a long day: the warm water bubbling around you and the jets pushing streams onto your tight back muscles. Certainly the most obvious benefit is just getting some time to unwind. However, hot tubs have other benefits too. They are actually good for your overall health and well-being. Here are four surprising health benefits that you can reap from sitting in a hot tub.

Better Sleep at Night

Okay, so you're probably well aware that hot tubs release stress. But it doesn't just impact you in the hot tub—there are lasting effects. Getting a better night's rest is one of them.

One study from 2012 found that people with fibromyalgia that caused sleep disturbances benefitted from hydrotherapy. In addition to improving their fibro symptoms, they received better sleep quality. And, even before this study, research into the effects of hot baths and hydrotherapy linked warm water with improved nightly rest.

Improved Cardiovascular Health

Soaking in a hot tub has the dual effect of lowering your blood pressure and raising your heart rate. Vascular functions and blood pressure show signs of improvement, reducing cardiovascular risk and mortality. This is especially true for individuals who have limited mobility that keeps them from regular exercise. Even just ten minutes in a hot tub can show an effect and has been considered a safe treatment option for people with high blood pressure.

Burning Calories

Who doesn't want to burn calories while just relaxing? As it turns out, hot tubs can help you achieve your weight loss goals. One small study from 2016 revealed that soaking in waist-high hot water (like in a hot tub) burns about as many calories as a half-hour walk. While sitting in a hot tub should not take the place of exercise, it can be a great addition to any exercise routine, making for a great way to relax those sore muscles afterward. There are several types of hot tubs offered by brands like Marquis Spas  that you can utilize after your land-based workout.

Improving Insulin Sensitivity

Diabetics might benefit from hot tubs too. A few studies have shown that both saunas and hot tubs help improve insulin sensitivity. This could help make managing diabetes easier for people with either Type I or Type II as well as those struggling with obesity. In addition to some diet and lifestyle changes, as well as taking insulin, hot tubs could improve their quality of life.Hot tubs aren't just for relieving stress and relaxing sore muscles. They have a number of health benefits that might surprise you. Even if you are a considerably healthy person, you can still feel better after a delightful dip in the hot 


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