July 19th, 2018

// Swim spas making a splash with homeowners this summer

Swim spas making a splash with homeowners this summer

Swimmers can get a workout year-round or just relax in Arctic Spas’ Arctic Ocean model

TORONTO, ON – A growing number of homeowners are taking the plunge into swim spas that can be used year-round — even in Canada’s notoriously long-cold winters — over traditional backyard pools.


So, what exactly is a swim spa? Think of a hot tub — plenty of soothing, warm water and a lot of powerful jets – but then stretch the tub out lengthwise. Unlike their smaller, square-shaped hot tub cousins, swim spas are rectangular, giving bathers enough room to extend their arms and legs while swimming in place.


“We’ve seen a lot more interest in swim spas over the past few years from homeowners who want to enjoy the fun and fitness aspects of going for a swim, but don’t want the expense or headaches of a major construction project to install a full-size pool,” says Philip Edey, General Manager of Arctic Spas.


Installation of Arctic Spas’ line of custom-built swim spas does not require any digging, construction or special equipment. It simply gets put in place with a crane and is ready to be filled with water and run. The pools are also extremely energy efficient, costing about $2 a day to operate and are exceptionally low maintenance because of their advanced control technology.


The most popular of the company’s six swim spa models is the Arctic Ocean Family Fun and Fitness Spa, measuring just under five metres in length. In addition to all of the features of a hot tub, it also has counter swim jets, resistance tether options for advanced swimming and fastener points to attach additional exercise equipment.


When the swimming and exercise is over, the six-seat Arctic Ocean has room for several bathers to relax and unwind at the same time. It comes in three different configurations with 30, 45 or 61 therapeutic jets.


The core design is virtually identical to Arctic Spas’ hot tubs, including a durable fiberglass shell with a lifetime warranty.


For more information on Arctic Spas, please visit www.arcticspas.ca.


About Arctic Spas


Founded in 1994, Arctic Spas® is Blue Falls Manufacturing's flagship brand of portable hot tubs and outdoor spa products purpose-built for extreme weather climates. Arctic Spas® is Canada's largest spa company, manufacturing and retailing spas, all weather pools (swim spas) and other leisure products. Arctic Spas are shipped to and sold in 23 countries around the world, with large markets in the United States, the UK, Scandinavia and Russia. Arctic Spas are produced in Alberta, Canada and in Washington State, USA.




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